FundRazr’s Medical Crowdfunding in USA Today

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FundRazr’s Medical Crowdfunding in USA Today

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USA Today featured FundRazr in the article ‘Crowdfunding’ sites pay medical bills, raise hopes. The article reveals how crowdfunding is becoming a popular way of paying for medical expenses, and FundRazr makes it easier than ever.


Take a look at a few of the highlights from USA Today:

“People know who they are donating to,” says Daryl Hatton, the founder and CEO of FundRazr. “But one of the big surprises is that people saw how many complete strangers were donating to them.” “The message has to really resonate with your friends, or else it won’t go anywhere,” says Hatton.”
FundRazr makes it easier to reach more people (and raise more money) with its many sharing capabilities.

“Sites can take out a small portion of the donation for administrative and other costs, which can range from 5%-20% of funds raised.”
FundRazr charges 5%, having the lowest fees of the leading crowdfunding sites.

“Advice from those in the field: Look for online tips. FundRazr, for example, offers tips on how to write a compelling narrative about why you are asking for money, and why that money is important.”

FundRazr is one of the largest medical crowdfunding platforms in North America, with over 20,000 medical campaigns and millions of dollars raised to date.

FundRazr enables you to raise money for illness and disease treatment, extended medical services, accident recovery, natural disaster relief, medical equipment, alternative medical care, and more.

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Read the full USA Today article here.

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