Innovative FundRazr: Help #30DayAdventures become a business

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Innovative FundRazr: Help #30DayAdventures become a business

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We say that FundRazr can be used to crowdfund anything, anywhere. Recently there have been some new causes to catch our attention.

FundRazr for a Dream Job
Marc Smith started a FundRazr campaign to raise 3 months worth of income so he can turn his blog into a sustainable business.
Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 9.48.56 AM
His blog, 30 Day Adventures explores adventures, food trucks, businesses, people you should know and more. He quit his event planning business in order to fully commit to his passion for his 30 Day Adventures blog. He is continually pursuing corporate sponsorships to help make his dream possible.

He is offering different perks for different sizes of donations (more details here). His unique way of providing recognition to donors has helped him raise $1,245 in 1 week!

Check out his campaign!

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