Truth and Reconciliation Day 2

FundRazr supports National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

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FundRazr supports National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

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Orange Shirt Day, September 30th, people across Canada recognize and raise awareness about the history and legacies of the residential school system in Canada. In 2021, the Canadian government designated this day to be the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

The day honours the lost children and Survivors of residential schools, their families and communities. Public commemoration of the tragic and painful history and ongoing impacts of residential schools is a vital component of the reconciliation process.

There were 140 federally run Indian Residential Schools which operated in Canada between 1831 and 1998. The last school closed only 23 years ago. Survivors advocated for recognition and reparations and demanded accountability for the lasting legacy of harms caused. 

To honour the memory, FundRazr will donate all revenue from the day to AFOA Canada

AFOA Canada was founded as a not-for-profit association in 1999 to help Indigenous people better manage and govern their communities and organizations through a focus on enhancing management, finance and governance practices and skills. AFOA Canada’s premise is that one of the keys to successful self-determination, creating a better life for Canada’s Indigenous people and a better future for the next generation lies in improving the management skills of those responsible for the stewardship of Indigenous resources.

After over twenty years in operation, AFOA Canada has become the centre for excellence and innovation in Indigenous management, finance, and governance.  It is the only organization in Canada that focuses on the capacity development and day-to-day needs of those Indigenous professionals who are working in all areas of management, finance, band administration, leadership and program management.

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