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FundRazr Success Story: Becoming Sophie [VIDEO]

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FundRazr Success Story: Becoming Sophie [VIDEO]

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To produce any kind of creative project will take a lot of planning and often a lot of money (that we don’t have). Writer, producer and actor, Ashley Alexander, needed to fund the production of her short film Becoming Sophie. To make this happen Ashley had three options, to fund it herself, apply for grants or crowdfund. It didn’t take long before Ashley had began setting up her FundRazr campaign and start sharing it with her networks!

We met with Ashley to discuss highlights from her crowdfunding experience, how to build an online community of support and advice for other creative entrepreneurs seeking funding.

Building an online community of support:

“Lots and lots and lots of emails! …I was really, really amazed at how sending one email and asking for a little donation goes very far! …I sent it out first to my friends and family, and just said what I was doing, and my journey of the campaign so far. I let them know about my script, and who was involved in it and what I was raising the money for. I also said that if you are not able to donate to please share it on social media and email to spread the word. Between the FundRazr page, Facebook and Twitter I would send out updates and thank you’s every time somebody would donate.”

The highlight of her experience:

“This was my first time producing my own film, writing my own film and crowdfunding for my own film. Having my friends, family and the film community come together and say “Yes, I want to support you and I want you to go forward with this dream”. That in itself was just a major highlight of all of the support that came together.”

Advice for creative entrepreneurs seeking funding:

“Be organized and be passionate. Because if you aren’t passionate and you don’t put a lot of time and effort into it then you are not going to get peoples hard earned money from them. They need to know that their money is going to a worthy cause, and that the money they donate is actually going to be carried through.”

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