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Aprons for Gloves: Give to the Community and the Community Gives Back – A FundRazr Journey

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Aprons for Gloves: Give to the Community and the Community Gives Back – A FundRazr Journey

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People always asked us: “How many people can participate in a FundRazr campaign?”
Well, the answer is simple; the more the better. This blog post will showcase how one of our most successful campaigns – Apron for Gloves – involved its community and truly embraced the idea of crowdfunding.

Who is Aprons for Gloves?
Aprons For Gloves Boxing Association is a not-for-profit organization located in British Columbia. Originally founded to be a place for local residents to unwind and keep in shape, Aprons for Gloves found a bigger purpose as they noticed the positive impact the gym is having on troubled teens. The association developed into a program that helped risk teens learn about persistence, respect, and self confidence through boxing. However, in spring 2012, the gym was at risk to be shut down.

restaurant rumble

What Did They Do?
To save the gym, program leader and local residents came up with the idea of Restaurant Rumble. The event would allow bartenders, servers, managers, owners, members of the restaurant community to trade in their aprons and face each other in the ring. There was only one catch, they had to raise $2,000 to enter the ring. The boxer hopefuls turned to Fundrazr and leveraged their network for support. Over a hundred people tried out and thousands of donations were received. Collectively, the event raised over $100,000 and kept the youth program alive.

Reasons for Success

Community Involvement
When most people think about crowdfunding, they think of obtaining donations or funds from a large crowd to support a single goal. However, the crowd can be more than just donors. As demonstrated by Aprons for Gloves, the crowd can be advocates, even campaigners on your behalf. Instead of just one campaign helping you raise money , you now have multiple campaigns, multiple networks helping you raise money. FundRazr has a sub-campaign system in place that helps you run sub-campaigns easier. Please email support@fundrazr.com for more information.

Media Rich Content
They say that a picture is worth a thousands words, then a video must be worth a million words. FundRazr statistics indicate that campaigns with video and pictures are far more likely to succeed compare to ones that don’t. Aprons for gloves is a great demonstration as they utilized multiple pictures and videos in their campaigns. They were able to tell a engaging story and inspire their audience.

Where Are They Now?

Unfortunately, adversity has hit Aprons for Gloves again. On Nov 3rd, a fire erupted in the restaurant below the gym causing smoke to rise up the gym. The equipments all suffered serious smoke damage and the property also suffered substantial water damage. Once again, Aprons for Gloves is looking for support from the community. Their FundRazr campaign can be accessed below and check out their website for more information.

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