FundRazr Success: Help the Northwestern High School Choir go to South Africa!

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FundRazr Success: Help the Northwestern High School Choir go to South Africa!

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The Northwestern High School Choir was selected to participate in the “ihlombe South African Choral Festival,” a prestigious invitation-only event taking place from July 10-20, 2013. They needed to raise $100,000 to send our choir to this illustrious event. So they started a FundRazr.

In the past week they raised nearly $10,000!


So we asked them how they did it. Anthony Bailey, their social media marketing manager told us their success was largely based to an article written by the Washington Post.

“Our students went on a massive letter writing campaign, and a writer for The Post was so impressed with our outreach, our choir, and what we were trying to accomplish, that they agreed to do a feature story on us.”

“Upon the story printing and being featured online, we saw a flood of donations from amazingly generous supporters, all around.”

“We are trying to send a portion of our choir to South Africa this July, to participate in a very prestigious invite-only concert tour they were selected to participate in. The trip costs way more money than any of us are able to afford. Without these donations, this trip would be totally impossible.”

Thank you Northwestern High School Choir for using FundRazr! We wish you all the best!
Help them reach their fundraising goal and participate in the concert tour in South Africa by donating here:

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