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FundRazr in the Vancouver Sun!

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The Vancouver Sun featured FundRazr in their coverage of Sprout Up, an event that brought together three successful entrepreneurs (including CEO Daryl Hatton) and hundreds from the start-up community.

The Sun got Daryl’s insight on the event: “I think (this event) helps us come out of the woodwork and lets us know there’s others like us…It’s lonely out there, you don’t know that others have the same issues and this is a really great place to trade information.”

“I think there’s a good eco-system here for helping.”

Hatton said FundRazr, which has raised tens of millions of dollars for more than 30,000 projects, is part of Vancouver’s burgeoning start-up scene.

“We’ve got some really great tech talent that’s going on,” Hatton said. “I think there’s an entrepreneurial spirit (this) being an area that has lots of small businesses already, so we’re used to the idea of entrepreneurs – we’re not in a comfy big company all the time.”

Read more about FundRazr at the event here.

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