FundRazr Announces 0% Platform Fee for Personal Campaigns!

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FundRazr Announces 0% Platform Fee for Personal Campaigns!

Crowdfunding Advisors, FundRazr Team

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Hello to all our incredible fundraisers!

Thank you so much for choosing FundRazr to help you in your journey to support the causes close to your heart. Since 2010, it’s been our mission to create a powerful fundraising platform that is easy to use, inexpensive, and leverages the power of the internet community. We understand the difficulties of raising money, and are passionate about providing an alternative funding source for your personal cause – whether that’s education, travel, medical bills, or anything else that matters.

Now, we are lowering the barriers to our platform even further. Starting Monday, January 22nd, we will be offering a 0% PLATFORM FEE to ALL PERSONAL CAMPAIGNS! The previous FundR.azr platform fee of 5% has been eliminated, leaving the payment processing fees charged by PayPal or WePal (2.9% + $0.30) as the ONLY deduction from the money you raise. If you are already running a campaign with FundRazr and want to switch your pricing plan, please drop us a message at

This new pricing structure will be available to all personal campaign users internationally. Instead of charging you a fee, we will now ask your donors for an optional small contribution directly to our platform, to help us support you.

If you’re running a nonprofit campaign, don’t worry – we have exciting news for you coming very soon!

We believe this new pricing structure aligns with our core values of providing an accessible, low-cost online fundraising platform that anyone can use with ease. We look forward to introducing this new strategy and helping you take home every cent of your much-needed donation dollars.

Get started now – here’s to a generous 2018!


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