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FundRazr for sustainable funding: 5 features to fill in the troughs of your yearly revenue curve

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FundRazr for sustainable funding: 5 features to fill in the troughs of your yearly revenue curve

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We know that building your revenue year upon year can be challenging, and that during certain times cas is flooding in while at others, it can be slower. Here are some features which enable you to not only achieve better results during those spikes of income, but also fill in the gaps so that you have more money throughout the year. 

Feature 1 – Microprojects

This way of funding allows you to communicate your story in bite size pieces and get your donors to give repeatedly. Do you have a project which is repeatable? Or do you have a story to tell about a particular project or individual that you are helping periodically? 

 This unique way of breaking down how your organization spends your funds allows the donor to connect with the project, and because it makes them feel good when they see instant results, they’ll do it again and again. FundRazr allows you to run multiple microprojects consecutively and allows you to separate out areas of the work that you do and really share with your community just how their money can be used. Even if your donor is gifting a smaller amount, when it’s given towards a smaller goal they’ll feel like their involvement is more impactful. 

Feature 2 – Different layouts to choose from 

 We have 9 different layouts, each one specific to a slightly different style of crowdfunding. We have designed each one to make sure  that all your needs are covered. If you have an event where people need to take part, then choose ‘Peer to Peer’, while if you need a more visual page to show items that you are selling to raise money you can opt for ‘social storefront’. Or maybe you’d like your advocates to host a birthday fundraiser in your name, that would be ‘DIY’. We know that finding a campaign style that fits your organization best is crucial so we offer a wide range for you to choose from. This also means you can have multiple campaigns running at the same time, each with a different focus. 

Birthdays happen all year long, so it’s a great way to make sure that your advocates have the opportunity to raise funds for you when it suits them, and everyone can take part at different dates throughout the year, this is a good strategy to increase your donations during the months where you don’t have a large event taking place. 

Feature 3 – Recurring Contributions

Donors who wish to support your cause on a monthly basis can do so through recurring contributions. This means they opt to support you at a set amount that will repeat monthly for one year. Even though their immediate impact may seem small, the lifetime value of this group of donors is hugely important, and you’ll want to make sure you show your appreciation towards this dying breed. 

Feature 4 –  Post donation workflow 

Encourage donors to fulfill their maximum potential by telling their community they donated, and sharing the campaign. We let every donor know that their work isn’t done by just contributing, they can share on social media and send the campaign directly to their community to maximise their impact for you.

A referral from a friend means that even when you don’t have a marketing campaign running, you’re still generating traffic towards your annual campaign page or website as your donors share on your behalf. The cost of this new donor acquisition is very minimal and can continue happening all year round.

Feature 5 –  Widgets – donate button, optimized one-page donation form 

Linking your campaign page to your website can be a great way of making sure your donors end up giving to your charity and seeing their impact. Whilst having them donate at all is an achievement, using FundRazr as a donate button means you get to instantly capture their information so you can hyper-personalize all your future engagements with them. 

We also have a layout design optimized for this kind of giving which allows you to display your campaign story content and the checkout flow on one page, making it even simpler for your donors to complete their contribution. 

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