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FundRazr for reaching more people: Public and private channels of social media

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FundRazr for reaching more people: Public and private channels of social media

Crowdfunding Advisors, FundRazr Team

Helping our community get to the next level of crowdfunding success

Making sure that your campaign reaches as many people as possible, and that those people have a reason to be engaged with your content! 

We have several options for social sharing built into our platform that mean you’re only a few clicks away from promoting your campaign through a variety of social channels.

Feature 1 – Facebook

 It’s a big one! With 2.3 billion active users, chances are you  want to share your campaign on Facebook.  The platform offers a place to write a succinct summary, and we automatically include the link and cover photo to grab the attention of anyone scrolling past. Even if your Organization doesn’t have a Facebook Page, having advocates of your cause share on Facebook will still help you gain exposure.

Feature 2 – LinkedIn

 Another great place to be seen, and it’s a simple few clicks with our toolbar to share to your personal or Organization’s LinkedIn page. LinkedIn is often used for promotion by people who are hoping to reach out to their workplace community and professional connections. If you are looking at reaching potential sponsors for partnership opportunities, LinkedIn is a great place to start.

Feature 3 – Twitter

The home of catchy taglines and celebrity rants, twitter is not a platform you want to miss out on! With a wide audience across ages, professions and industries it makes perfect sense for a crowdfunding campaign to be seen here. We have twitter sharing integrated into our platform, so you are only a few clicks away from making your campaign visible as a tweet.  

Feature 4 – Facebook Messenger

A more personal form of sharing, but a great way to target individuals who you know are advocates of your cause and who you want to make sure are aware of your campaign. This also a great channel to use when your participants or team members want to share their campaign with their community. 

Feature 5 – WhatsApp

A channel which we refer to as ‘Dark Social’, WhatsApp makes sure you can reach people who need the extra personal touch. Sharing your link to a group or an individual via Whatsapp means they can instantly click on the link and donate. It is also super easy for them to share the link on your behalf, as they can forward the link or easily copy and paste it to more channels. 

Feature 6 – QR code

Take things offline. If you want to generate posters, or have a display of sorts promoting your campaign you can use a unique QR code. All people need to do is scan with a smart phone camera and they’ll be taken directly to your campaign page. Much more appealing than copying and pasting a URL link, QR codes also makes sure no one makes any spelling mistakes when they try and type it in themselves. Donors can simply open up their camera  on a phone or tablet and they’ll arrive on the campaign page. 

Feature 7 – Website embedding 

 We love widgets, whether it’s a smart looking badge, a whole page form or just a donate button! Not only because widget is a fun word to say, but they help with your conversion rate, and give your donor a simple and easy navigation experience from your website to campaign.  

In fact, your donor in fact never leaves your website at all! We open your campaign page in a lightbox on top of your website, so when they have completed their donation they are back where they started reading about all your good work!  

Feature 8 – Texting 

It doesn’t get more personal than a text message. Sending a campaign to your nearest and dearest this way couldn’t be easier. FundRazr sends you a text first, which you can then forward to your contacts list, so they will know who the text is from and you don’t lose that personal touch! 

Feature 9 – Email 

An oldie but a goodie! You can import your mailing list into FundRazr and send a variety of emails. You can send team invites for those people who want to help with your fundraising efforts, you can email blast your list to donate or you can upload specific groups that you know the campaign will be a hit with. No campaign outreach plan is complete without an email strategy!

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