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FundRazr for positive scalability: 5 features that will help you grow

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FundRazr for positive scalability: 5 features that will help you grow

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So, has your organization run a few online crowdfunding events and you’re ready to grow further and expand your outreach while increasing the amount of incoming donations? What you’re looking for is positive Scalability. The ability to scale fast depends on many factors, including your organization’s available resources and the speed at which you can adapt to market landscape changes. To help you keep up, FundRazr has improved and sped up our process so you can scale your impact faster and while keeping your supporters engaged. 

  • Easy campaign setup and repeat 

We’ve listened to our customers and shortened the process of setting up and repeating campaigns. Now, with just three or four clicks you can have your new campaign up and running. Just add a new image, an existing story, launch and start promoting – you can make any other changes and add to the campaign along the way!

Furthermore, if you created a campaign template, you can constantly use it during the setup process and add appropriate changes along the way.

  • Team and campaign management (one click team member invites, email uploads and roles)

The process of promoting your campaign goes faster when your team members know exactly who’s responsible for what. To assist you with that, we’ve streamlined down the process of adding new members to your fundraising team to just one click. Just add your members’ email addresses, and at the same time, with a second click you will be able to select a role you want to assign to a specific team member to help him or her be a promoter, member or a manager for the campaign. Have your team set up and ready to promote your event in under 24 hours!

  • Running multiple types of campaigns

This is probably one of our customers’ favourite FundRazr features: the ability to run multiple types of campaigns at the same time. In our previous article about “5 features to creatively engage your supporters,” we mentioned that to be successful in online crowdfunding, it’s essential to know how to run one campaign in more than 15 ways! Fundrazr has made it easier for you and created layouts to assist with running and managing multiple types of campaigns at the same time under your organization. 

  • Easier donation processing due to donor’s familiarity with payment options

Fundrazr offers one set solution for all payments. Our donation processing flow is always the same, whatever the campaign layout or type of donation you are trying to attract. Whether donations are happening via a button, a form, peer-to-peer and or through perks, the actual method of payment stays the same, so that it can it stick in the mind and become trusted by your recurring donors. Familiarity with the donation flow interface creates a mental trust bond between your organization and the donor, so that they feel comfortable giving more often!

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