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FundRazr for innovation: 5 features to stay on top of trends

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FundRazr for innovation: 5 features to stay on top of trends

Crowdfunding Advisors, FundRazr Team

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Making sure your organization stays up to date with trends in tech and crowdfunding can be a challenge, so we do our best to make sure that FundRazr has all the features you need to stay on top of your game. We are so much more than a platform to receive donations; we’re by your side throughout all aspects of digital fundraising, from new donor acquisition to helping you stay educated on all the best practices within the industry. 

Feature 1 – Dark Social 

Of course, not everyone is an extrovert, and that same principle is true online. Some people may prefer for their contribution to remain anonymous, while others may want to tell their friends about the campaign, but in a more personal way. Dark Social is when an online connection is made between individuals or a group which is not public – usually, this means private messaging channels. 

For example this can be someone sending a text message. This action isn’t visible to the public, and the only person who sees the text is the recipient. This is a great way to reach people with your campaign if they don’t have a huge online presence. 

Inbuilt into the platform we have WhatsApp, Messenger and texting enabled so you can reach your entire crowd, even those who prefer to keep their connections personal.

Feature 2 – Daryl, and the FundRazr Blog 

Our secret weapon also happens to be our CEO – we’re pretty lucky, if we do say so ourselves! Daryl has been a thought leader in the world of crowdfunding for over 10 years. He has recently appeared as a guest speaker on a magnitude of podcasts and even spoken at a TEDX event on the concept – of philanthropy as entertainment.  Daryl is always inspiring new features on the platform to make sure that FundRazr stays at the top of the crowdfunding game. 

As well as Daryl, our team has some pretty good ideas, the best of which we share on our blog! The newest features, communications strategies, campaign templates, and how to promote your campaign are all resources we provide you with to make sure you are as informed as you can be about the ever-changing crowdfunding landscape. 

Feature 3 – Micro gifting and Micro projects 

Have you experienced a decrease  in larger donations, while seeing more smaller, recurring donations? Well, this is set to be the trend for 2020 and the foreseeable future as a new millennial generation starts to look for ways they can give back to society. Often, these micro-gifts can be overlooked as they take time to build up, but over the course of a year, if you’re receiving multiple micro-gifts from many people, they’ll become a sustainable source of income for your organization.

Micro Projects is a specific layout we have generated to encompass the process of giving a smaller donation more often, in what the industry refers to as Micro Gifting.  We encourage you to break down your overall annual goal into projects that your donors can follow along with, and be encouraged to give towards making a real impact towards many small goals, rather than feeling like just a drop in the bucket.

Feature 4 – Custom sponsorship banners (talk to an advisor if you need to set up)

If you have sponsors that already support your organization, why not let everyone who visits your campaign know? You can do this with a banner, and we can even set up matching donations so your donor – and sponsor – can see their full impact. For example, with a matching donation, your donor can give $50 but would see their impact towards the cause listed as $100 on the campaign’s statistics. 

If you have a sponsor who wants to give your donors something in return for their contribution, like as a voucher or a free subscription, we can also implement this transaction on your campaign page.

If this sounds like something you need, speak to one of our Digital Fundraising and Marketing advisors today!

Feature 5 – PRO pricing 

One of our latest features allows you to raise money for free. The reason our Pro model is different to other fee recovery pricing plans out there is that we allow you to have a sliding scale. For some campaigns, you may want to only recover 50% of your fees if you’re expecting larger donations, where as if you run a campaign reaching out to your main donor base with a smaller ask, you could recover up to 115% of fees. 

We know this model works and that donors are willing to help cover some or even all of your fundraising fees – all you have to do is ask. Our Pro model allows you to select how much of your fundraising costs you would like to recover, meaning you really can fundraise for $0! 

Essentially, this boils down to asking your donors to add a little bit extra so that their full donation goes towards the cause. Our results show that 90% are happy to pay this for you and are happy to support the great work that you do.

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