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FundRazr for time and efficiency: 5 features that will help you work twice as fast

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FundRazr for time and efficiency: 5 features that will help you work twice as fast

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As someone who’s on a mission to raise for your cause by crowdfunding, you probably already have a full plate of things to manage and work with. Maybe you’ve already come up with your campaign idea, brought together a team to help make it happen, and built a social media strategy that will speak directly to the hearts of your advocates and supporters. So the only thing left to do is select a crowdfunding solution that will help you minimize the time you spend actually running the campaign. Saving time here will help free you up for the most important part of the crowdfunding process overall: communicating with your donors and audience.

FundRazr is your crowdfunding solution if you are looking to lead, manage effectively and maximize your campaign outcomes for success.


It all comes down to a few time saving features that are super easy to set up and if consistently used will save you a lot of time – whether you’re running one crowdfunding project, a series of projects, a peer-to-peer campaign, or many other types of campaigns. Below are five features that we developed specifically for non-profits and social enterprises, in response to their feedback about how we can make their jobs easier. All five of these features are totally FREE.

·      Automatic tax receipts

Creating and issuing tax receipts can be a pain not just for you, your supporters and donors, but for your accountant as well! The FundRazr team set out  to free you up from every single scary thought about receipts and have created automated, custom with and without advantage tax receipt features. Once you create an organizational account on the FundRazr platform and enable this functionality, you can choose for the platform to automatically generate a tax receipt using the details you already put into organizational fields. Or, upload your custom template and select a convenience for your prefix to help you categorize tax receipts in the appropriate way. The platform will also automatically generate them for you and release them to your donors within 15 to 30 minutes of when the donation was processed by PayPal or Stripe.

·      Create a template

Are you planning to run multiple campaigns throughout the year? To save yourself some time, you can create a template campaign that will guide the following projects, already partially filled with information that will be inherited by each and every campaign you will create using it. This way of working is especially convenient for those who run a series of sports events, fundraise for animal shelters, or put on multiple programs and performances throughout the year.

·      Offline donations

Many of our clients love this feature, since plenty of charities still receive supporter contributions via check or bank deposit. In this case, instead of making you run all the way to the bank to cash in your check and see it reflected in your crowdfunding campaign’s total amount raised, you can simply an offline transaction record in seconds to add the amount gifted to the total of your campaign. What’s more, you don’t need to pay PayPal’s and Stripe’s transaction fee, since this is just a record and not an actual financial transaction.

·  Instant launch campaign

When you are all set to start raising funds, we don’t require you to seek our approval before launch! We believe that as a leader and manager, you should have all the authoritative power to decide whether you are ready to launch your campaign or not. Plus, we’ll never lock your campaign editing capability after the launch takes place. This way you can make any appropriate changes and edits to the campaign that you need to along the way to respond to anything that might come up.

·      Team roles

One of the best ways to manage your crowdfunding campaign is to work cooperatively with the right team! On our platform, we offer four team roles to help you invite the right candidates to manage specific sections of your campaign:

–          Member – shares and promotes the content of the page

–          Promoter – shares and promotes updates on your behalf

–          Manager – helps you edit, runs, manage and deal with transactions

–          Owner – you, who can withdraw funds and do everything else mentioned above

Each of the members will be able to share your campaign via Facebook, Facebook stories, Facebook messenger, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. Running a crowdfunding campaign is like running an election or movement. You can go fast alone, but you can’t achieve success in a timely manner on your own and without without burning out!

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