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FundRazr for creativity of your nonprofit: 5 features to creatively engage your supporters

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FundRazr for creativity of your nonprofit: 5 features to creatively engage your supporters

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It can be tiresome to come up with content ideas that will be attractive and engaging enough for your donors, advocates and former supporters when running a crowdfunding campaign. Some nonprofits don’t have enough manpower to generate and implement these ideas on a consistent basis. While newer volunteers still might not sense your organization’s spirit and vision enough to speak to your audience on your behalf through social media, the older volunteers have already worked too long to generate new ideas for creating engaging content. In crowdfunding, creativity is key. FundRazr has made it easier for you to become more creative by adapting five features in your campaign.

Perks and incentives 

When you ask your supporters to give money to your cause for the first time, asking for a simple monetary donation is enough for them to feel appreciated. However, if you ask them for the second time (or more) they might feel used and turn away from your cause. To avoid aversion from your audience, the FundRazr team offers Perks and Incentives features. You can offer a product, gift, wish or incentive in exchange for a donation. Giving something in return will help re-engage your first time donors in your second round of your outreach campaign.

Wish-lists and descriptive contribution amounts 

Every donor wants to know where their contribution went on. With FundRazr, you can create wish lists and add descriptions to up to 10 selected contribution amounts specifying exactly where your donors’ money will be spent. Such transparency will build trust and create a long term bond between your organization and your future advocates.

Leaderboard and widgets

How about running a championship fundraising competition among your own supporters and advocates? When running a peer-to peer campaign on FundRazr, you’ll be able to set up a leaderboard widget to display on your website. It will update in real time and showcase who or which team is raising the most funds for your organization. 

Also, you can place any of the available campaign widgets on your website since they work like an HTML sticker. Add the code into the framework of the website and your widget is all set up and ready for visitors to observe your crowdfunding activities as they happen!

In-app video recording for peer-to-peer events 

When running a peer to peer event, a smooth registration process is crucial. To help your organization be consistent with messaging and communication we have built in-app video recording into peer-to-peer event campaigns. This allows your team members to write up or record a video message right on the spot while registering to fundraise for your cause, explaining why they want to support and asking others to support your organization. All without the need to leaving the platform, recording it on camera, and uploading later. In other words, it’s fast and easy – just click record and their message is all ready to go! 

Campaign Layouts

In our professional practice here at FundRazr, we find our clients often run only one or two types of crowdfunding campaigns. Yet with FundRazr, there are at least 15 types of different campaigns to choose from. This vastness of choice is achieved via creative Campaign Layouts or structures that allow for your organization to select appropriate framework to your specific event, and yet be creative about how to promote it. 

For example our Animal Sanctuary loves to use the Micro Projects Layout  for their animal campaigns because they understand the value of micro giving. When using micro-projects, an animal charity can fundraise for one animal at a time instead of raising a substantial amount over a longer period of time. It is proven that people want to give less but more often, and micro projects is the best campaign model for that. In the case of animal sanctuaries, it helps save many animals over a long period of time while creating loyal fans and advocates along the way!

So there you have it – five features we’ve designed to help you find success with FundRazr! Was this helpful? Let us know what you think or what you want to know more about!

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