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FundRazr for better results: 5 features that will maximize your chances for success

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FundRazr for better results: 5 features that will maximize your chances for success

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It’s great to have social media savvy as a marketing professional because you can go into crowdfunding with confidence, knowing that you have what it takes to find success. But the good news is that you can meet your goals even if you’re starting from scratch. How would you approach running a crowdfunding campaign for your organization for the first time ever?

With this situation in mind, the FundRazr team did everything we could to guide you all the way from campaign launch to meeting your crowdfunding goals. By providing as many resources as we can, we want to set you up for success, so you can use crowdfunding to help you expand your organization’s positive impact on your community – and the entire world!

Keep reading to learn about five FundRazr features that will help you maximize your chances for crowdfunding success.

  • FundRazr In-House Strategists for the win

For starters, your best bet for success is to use our in-house crowdfunding strategists. They’re available to help with your campaign strategy, developing an action plan tailored specifically to your unique organization. Then, they’ll offer guidance throughout the whole process until each and every campaign’s completion. Our strategists are versatile marketing gurus that stay on top of every trend to provide you with the most relevant techniques and ideas for your success. 

  • Public and private Social Sharing channels

With marketing and advertising focusing more and more on what’s widely known as  “dark social”,  choosing to connect and build brand loyalty through private messaging channels, it’s crucial to observe how giant companies are transforming their communication plans so you can introduce similar ideas into your organization’s outreach strategy.


Because communicating with donors and company advocates in this way brings an extra degree of intimacy and privacy. Communication through messenger channels means that the attention of your audience is completely yours. They are focused on your message only, as private messaging is isolated from advertising and other content. Contrast this with Facebook feed communication, where the chaos of ads and other page’s content distracts your audience from what you are trying to say. If used wisely, these private social media sharing channels can help you grasp their attention and speak to their hearts and minds. 

FundRazr allows you to share your content via Facebook Messenger, Facebook Stories, Instagram, MailChimp, Whats’app, Pinterest, Slack and more.

  • Analytics for better decision-making 

Success isn’t linear. Sometimes we need to make pivots and changes in our approach along the way to make anything work, including your crowdfunding campaign. In order to measure your progress our team has added an advanced analytics dashboard to each of your organizational campaigns that monitors traffic, contributions, payments and more! This information is the key to making changes during the course of your campaign that will keep it on track for success.

  • SEO and mobile friendly pages 

Two of the simplest, yet most important FundRazr features are its high SEO ranking capability on Google search and our mobile-browsing friendly pages. 

FundRazr’s reputation online is as an established leader and innovator in the crowdfunding space. Hence, every active crowdfunding campaign that is run using FundRazr platform will be showcased as the fifth, fourth and even third link available on the first page of Google search. This aloe will greatly increase the visibility of your campaign online. 

All of our campaign pages are mobile and tablet friendly. We understand the need to manage life and work on the move. Thus, we made sure our platform is optimized for your mobile experience without needing to download an unnecessary app. 

  • Post-donation workflow 

Crowdfunding can become your vehicle for communicating with your donors and advocates if you understand its basic principle. To succeed, you’ll need to multiply donations, expand your pool of supporters and build your networks. FundRazr has developed a post-donation workflow that captures information about your donors, advocates and supporters while prompting them to action, whether it be sharing their impact, posting about your cause or even inviting their friend to join them in their philanthropic endeavors. This technique will save you and your team time to manually connect with your company’s activists and allow you to focus on the most important things at hand.

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