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FundRazr for better conversions: 5 features that will improve your donor conversion rates

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FundRazr for better conversions: 5 features that will improve your donor conversion rates

Crowdfunding Advisors, FundRazr Team

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Here at FundRazr, we know how important it is that everyone who wants  to donate to your cause can do so quickly and easily. We partner with Stripe and PayPal to give you the best conversion rates on the market, helping you to acquire more new donors and raise more money. Both of these payment providers offer lower, charitable rates for registered non-profits.

Feature 1 – Combining Stripe and PayPal 

We allow you to combine 2 payment providers, giving your donors the best possible checkout experience no matter how they want to pay. Having both of these options available gives donors the choice of  paying with debit, credit or bank * payments – or if they have a PayPal account they can also use that. This means that if your donor has forgotten their PayPal password, or they haven’t got their bank card with them, they can easily choose the best and most convenient option. We also offer PayPal MarketPlace checkout, which was developed for an even smoother donation flow.

* Need more info on how this works to not confuse the issue. May not be worth mentioning.

Feature 2 – Increased following: Subscriber capture popup on exit intent and post-donation workflow

We know that not everyone will be in a position to donate when they first visit your campaign page, but they may still want to support the campaign and stay involved. When someone goes to close your campaign page without taking any action, we prompt them with a friendly reminder that they can still subscribe to campaign updates, and that if they share your campaign on social media they may inspire someone else to give a donation. 

Our Pop-ups are cleverly programmed to only appear when the user is a first time visitor and hasn’t yet gotten involved with your campaign. This kind of programming is something we figure out for you, so that you don’t have to spend time worrying about it. 

Feature 3 – Conversion-optimized layouts

Our layouts have been trialled and tested to make sure we offer you the best possible rate of conversion. We have carefully thought about where to place the donate button on the screen for maximum visibility, so that donors want to click on it! 

And it doesn’t stop there. We have also tested a whole range of variables for all 9 layouts, for example the image size, title size font, and how all of these display on a mobile device. With over 75% of traffic coming through mobile, we made sure that our layouts are optimized to give the best donation experience. 

Feature 4 – Analytics 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep track of the activity and engagement on your campaign? Well on FundRazr, you can with our built-in analytics feature. You can see if an update you posted generated any more donations, or if a social media post gained you new subscribers. The best part is that you can do this for each campaign individually or you can view your organization as a whole, over any time period you wish to examine.

Feature 5 – Donate button and one-page donation page

Having a donate button embedded onto your website means there is no need to redirect your donor to a new page. You can take them straight to the payment page directly from your website. This means they get less distracted along the way and their intention to donate isn’t compromised by extra steps or navigations.

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