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FundRazr Features: Easier Ways to Share

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FundRazr Features: Easier Ways to Share

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We are constantly improving the way you share a crowdfunding campaign and our 3 most recent features are sure to do the trick!

1. Import Contacts

Now you can select email addresses from your contact list to easily share your campaign with them. In one easy step, your campaign can reach all the people who care about your cause.

*Coaching Tip: Pick 5 of your closet friends and family members to email first as they are more likely to make the first donations.

FundRazr features contacts

2. Add a Team Member

We all know that 2 heads are better than one, and we think that’s true for crowdfunding as well! Now you can invite a best friend or family member to your campaign team so they can help promote your campaign. From providing updates to importing their own contacts to expand your reach, you’ll have double the chance of success.

*Coaching Tip: Pick someone who is close to you and your cause to team-up and help promote!

FundRazr features team

3. Share with a Click!

Sharing a campaign with each of your social networks can be difficult, but we’ve made it easy! With a touch of a button you can share your campaign across multiple social media accounts without ever leaving the site.

*Coaching Tip: Add a personal message each time you share to encourage your networks to visit your campaign!

FundRazr features

Stay tuned for more features.

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