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FundRazr: Cool Perks for Even Cooler Campaigns

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The conventional idea was that perks are only for business projects and can only be offered when you have a tangible product to pre-sell. Although products are a large part of perks, they are definitely not the only perks you can offer. Below we will illustrate some creative approaches to perks.


JusTea is a non-profit company that strives to help Kenyan tea farmers escape the cycle of poverty through local business cooperation. Instead of selling their tea to big processing workshop where the farmers retain only 1% of the profit, Justea intends to invest in partnerships with Kenyan tea farmers. They would train them in premium tea processing and help farmers retain a fair portion of the profits.

Since they are a product driven company, they do offer tangible product perks such as tea. However, they also offer creative perks such as invites to a JusTea ParTea in Vancouver, Tea Cupping Classes, and a Private Yoga Lesson.

These creative perk ideas are highly transferable to other types of campaigns. For example, invites to an event would be applicable to many non-profit, personal campaigns that have offline fundraising events. Check out our previous post about JusTea and how they used the enhanced story editor.


JALANAN (“Streetside”) is a feature-length documentary film that tells the captivating story of Boni, Ho & Titi – three charismatic street musicians in Indonesia’s teeming capital city, Jakarta. JALANAN tells the story of the three musicians’ struggles, their music, their hopes and their dreams. It’s also an edgy, surprising portrait of Indonesia over a tumultuous 5-year period of rapid change.

Given they are a film campaign, one of the most obvious perks they can give out is the DVD of their film. However, they went above and beyond that and offered a series of intangible perks. For small contributions they offered video thank you messages and for big contributions they offered associate producer status in the credits.

These creative perk ideas are again very transferable especially the Thank You Messages, which could be used as a perk in almost any type of campaign.

For More info on perks, check out our previous post.

You can always contact us at with any questions. Be creative & Have fun!

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