FundRazr announces alliance with Fundchange!

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FundRazr announces alliance with Fundchange!

Crowdfunding Advisors, FundRazr Team

Helping our community get to the next level of crowdfunding success

Transition your Fundchange project or start a new FundRazr!

FundRazr is pleased to tell Fundchange community members more about a dynamic, new partnership for member online giving and crowdfunding. On Dec 7th, Ideavibes announced the wrap-up of their Fundchange initiative. The good news is FundRazr has worked closely with Fundchange to make this transition seamless so good things can happen.

You can now easily start a FundRazr campaign for free to take advantage of the Canadian platform that has raised over $17 Million for 32,000+ campaigns. Harness the crowdfunding power that helped Save the Children raise $1 Million and Tiger Woods Foundation raise $100k in 2012. Vancouver’s Lift the Children FundRazr is shown below.

A Message from Daryl Hatton
I want to personally invite you to check out the many benefits of fundraising for your cause using our leading-edge social tools.

Donor acceptance of online payments is phenomenal as each month we now receive over 25,000 donations, more than a million page views and raise almost $1.5 Million.

You are competing for the attention of prospects that are wired like never before. We’d love to help your cause be noticed and funded.

Daryl Hatton, Founder & CEO

FundRazr Q & A
Q. Who is FundRazr?
A. A global leader in crowdfunding and Facebook and PayPal partner since 2010. FundRazr offers industry-leading online fundraising tools for non-profits, charities, politics and personal campaigns. The FundRazr team is based in Vancouver, BC and we serve 22 countries.

Recent FundRazr buzz includes: being noted as 1 of the most innovative Open Graph developers for good by Facebook; as “a charitable program… that has found wild success on Facebook” on the All Facebook blog; and being named “Technology Tool of the week” by the Financial Post (12/8/12).

Q. How is FundRazr different/better?
A. FundRazr is a proven, secure social marketing and fundraising system that reaches more people to raise more money. The application is consistently upgraded to maximize page appeal to donors, sharing functionality, donor reach and virality. Our scale enables our team to establish and execute best practices in design and promotion that consistently get results.

Here are just some of the new features now available to Fundchange members:
Rich media story-telling
– Video, Timeline style updates with preview, Wallpaper, Comment/Donation likes
Wider social sharing
– Facebook Tabs, Embeddable Widgets, Pinterest, G+
Campaign coaching alerts
– Integrated Messaging to optimize campaigns
Follow Digests
– Donors can receive weekly updates on news and results
Peer to Peer
– Leaderboards, Personally endorsed pages, Contests
Matching campaigns
– Corporate or Foundation Sponsors, Grants
Easy Administration
– Simple edits, multiple admins, multiple project dashboards, tax receipts, and much more

Q. I have a current Fundchange project. Will it be transferred to FundRazr?
A. With your approval, we will work with Fundchange to transfer existing content for those members wishing to do so. Simply contact us here and we’ll help you to take advantage of all the great new FundRazr features to kickstart your campaign or start a new one!

Q. I don’t have a current Fundchange project. How do I learn more?
A. Simply start a draft campaign at this special FundChange member link to familiarize yourself on features and we’ll be in touch. Or contact us soon. Remember we have over 1 Million page views by our donor audience each month!

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