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Fundraising for Family

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Fundraising for Family

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A guest post by Camara Cassin

If one were to click on the find feature on they would find a showcase of fundraising campaigns in 26 different categories.  This week we are featuring Family campaigns.

Family Fundraiser images

As you can see, people post in the family Category for many different circumstances.  Let’s look deeper into one  of them and see what they are doing that is making their fundraising strategy a success.  Let’s look at the FundRazr featured in the top left corner of this image.  “The River Louten Fund”  Here is a screen shot of the campaign on Sept 27, 2012 at 11 am pst.  Let’s go over the “look” of this campaign.

River Louten

The title is person specific and catches the attention of people who know the family.  The description explains to the reader what is going on.  In it we can find out that River’s family is raising money to help him with his bone marrow failure.  He will need numerous medical treatments including a possible bone marrow transplant.  Currently he is receiving weekly platelet injections to keep him going.  The campaign creator, seen at left, inserted a personal image and added links in the description to other media including a YouTube video and a Facebook page.  In my last blog post I spoke about “Marketing your FundRazr”.  It is very important to share your campaign in areas where other people can see it.  Creating a Facebook page is a fantastic way to build community around your cause.

By utilizing social media such as YouTube and Facebook the family is well on their way to helping their son.  This campaign could benefit from three things.

1. Use the “add to tab” feature to highlight the FundRazr at the top of the community support Facebook page for River.

2. Embed the YouTube video into the Fundrazr itself by copying the short link url from the video into the “video” section.

3. Utilize a fundraising widget on websites, their own – or someone elses. Maybe a blog that updates supporters on how the family is doing!

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