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Fund Your Dream With No Excuses

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Fund Your Dream With No Excuses

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Each of us has a dream. A perfect picture in our mind that we’d love to see come true one day. Something that scares us a lot and inspires, motivates to go forward at the same time.

Crowdfund your dreams with FundRazr

So why do we usually forget about our dreams, postpone them for the time that never comes?

The main thing we always blame is our fears of failure. Aside from that the main barrier to chase our dreams is lack of initial investments to start the ball rolling. Yes, in our world dreams are expensive, they need money to take off.

But can we still use that as an excuse when thousands of people have turned to crowdfunding to fund their dreams, with a great success?

Want to write and publish your own book? Always wanted to record your own band’s music album? Find yourself as a painter? Use crowdfunding. Use FundRazr.

Apart from other big players in crowdfunding world, FundRazr has the following benefits for you:

  1. Flexible deadline. You can choose a deadline for your project or none.
  2. Flexible funding goal. Set a goal, extend a goal or don’t specify it at all.
  3. Keep the money you raised. Always. Even if you don’t reach your goal.
  4. No Penalty for not reaching your goal.

Moreover, you can start a FundRazr campaign for FREE, there is nothing to lose. All you need to do is to tell your compelling story. Your crowdfunding campaign pitch is the first thing that your potential donors see. Make them feel engaged, show them your passion and enthusiasm, be yourself. Use our “How to Write a Crowdfunding Pitch” video to learn how to answer the most important questions in your pitch. Enhance your story by creating an effective video to catch attention, get straight to the heart, share your emotions and communicate effectively to people.

People connect to people. We get inspired to watch other people put their dreams out there and make them come true.

Especially when creators provide you with exciting perks in return of your donation, such as:

  1. An exclusive access to a book before anybody else gets it.
  2. A CD of a new band with beautiful music.
  3. A behind-the-scenes look at how it all has started.
  4. Recognition and mention in a product when it’s released.

5 Key Steps You Should Take to Succeed in Your Crowdfunding Project:

  1. Tell your dream in a form of compelling story helped with effective video – create a movement.
  2. Ask for help and support those closest and dearest to you. Ask for first donations from them to get started and legitimize your campaign for others.
  3. Continue to post story updates about your progress through a variety of FundRazr features on your campaign’s page (Facebook, Email, Twitter, Google Plus, embedded widget on your blog, full campaign’s functionality on your Facebook page and etc.) Read our success guide for more details.
  4. Provide meaningful perks that people would like to get. Be creative, use uniqueness and exclusiveness to make perks more attractive.
  5. Thank your donors for support. Tell them how their contributions make a difference in your life.

Want to start your own FundRazr campaign now? Go ahead!

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