February’s Top Technologically Innovative Crowdfunding Campaigns

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February’s Top Technologically Innovative Crowdfunding Campaigns

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We love seeing technological innovators in action, and 2016 has really started with a bang. We love supporting the innovators and game changers of the world to make a difference in the way we live – whether it’s in road safety or healthy living.

This month we’ve helped some very exciting technology get off the ground that we wanted to share with you.

Thin Ice Taking Orders for Weight-Loss Vest

Thin Ice technology seamlessly integrates with your everyday clothing to help you lose weight and burn approximately 500-1000 calories per day. It does this by stimulating strategic parts of your body with cold temperatures. But don’t worry, this stimulation is so mild you won’t even notice after a few seconds of adapting.

Think about a time when you’ve jumped into a pool and gotten a jolt of cold that almost instantly disappears. The same process is at play here. Your body detects these temperature changes with thermoreceptors which trick your body into thinking you’re are in a cold environment.

Rainpal Aims to Save Lives on Our Roads

In rainy conditions, unclear vision often leads to accidents. Rainpal is a new product that wants to solve the helmet visibility problem in rains with its wiper mechanism for the helmets.

The wiper comes as an attachment that can be clamped to any helmet visors almost instantly. The wiper mechanism will be of help to the visor even at speeds up to 160Km/hr thanks to the tiny suctions and the clamps.


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