February 2016 Calendar of Cause Awareness Days

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February 2016 Calendar of Cause Awareness Days

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Cause awareness days are a great way to focus your fundraising efforts and capitalize on the time when your cause will have greater public awareness, momentum, and support.

2 Feburary: World Wetlands Day (#WorldWetlandsDay)
4 February: World Cancer Day (#WorldCancerDay)
13 February: World Radio Day (#WorldRadioDay)
13 February: World Whale Day (#WorldWhaleDay)
14 February: V-Day (#1BillionRising)
17 February: Digital Learning Day (#DLDay)
20 February: World Day of Social Justice (#SocialJusticeDay)
23 February: World Spay Day (#WorldSpayDay)
27 February: International Polar Bear Day (#PolarBearDay)
29 February: Rare Disease Day (#RareDiseaseDay)

These are the causes that are going to get more of public attention in the month of February. Want to support the polar bears or fight rare diseases? You can start a campaign with the funds going straight to the registered non-profit of your choice here and have a greater impact in the run-up to their awareness day.

Are you already running a campaign? Make sure to tweet us and include the hashtag for your day so we can help support your cause!

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