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Featured FundRazr: Help A Wounded Warrior And His Family

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Featured FundRazr: Help A Wounded Warrior And His Family

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When service members get injured in the course of their duties, it can take a huge toll on them and their family, both mentally and physically.

When you add in the resulting financial hardship and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, sometimes it takes an entire community to help them get back on their feet.

Today’s Featured FundRazr is raising money to help Michael Lassey and his family get back on their feet. Here is their story:

On June 18, 2012, Michael Lassey was conducting clearance operations for his platoon, and was injured by an IED explosion. He was sent flying into the air and his leg was broken in several places below the knee.

He was medevaced to KAG, an airfield in Afghanistan, where the doctors performed a fasciotomy (a surgery that is performed to prevent amputation).

After Michael became stable enough to be moved, he was transported to Bogram Afghanistan where he was intubated and had more work done on his leg. He caught pneumonia while waiting to be transported to Germany, and after stabilizing again, he was transported to Landstahl, Germany for two days, then moved again to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

Once in Texas, Michael underwent three more surgeries, skin grafts, had pins inserted in his legs, has sustained permanent nerve damage in his right ankle and foot, and has lost 20% of his heel.

Although he is attending physical therapy and is able to move his foot again, he is now wheelchair-bound and is permanently disabled.

Michael, his wife Teia, and their 3 children have been financially strapped for a very long time. They need money to get their house sold and to pay off loans they have had to take out to feed their family. The Army has denied them twice for insurance because of Michael’s injuries.

It’s time to show that we stand with our Heroes. Michael’s family has had to take out loans just to keep afloat, and the stress from the PTSD as well as trying to recover from the injury is taking it’s toll on them financially as well as mentally. Anything is possible when we help each other.

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