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Family Crowdfunds for Hurricane Odile Disaster Relief

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Family Crowdfunds for Hurricane Odile Disaster Relief

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Katie Robyn is raising money for her father and his family to rebuild his home and business after they were destroyed in Hurricane Odile in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“Windows are gone, doors are damaged, furniture, floors and walls are damaged, and everything they had stored in a storage unit was either lost or destroyed. This is our family’s entire life, and it was devastated in a matter of hours.”

The Category 3 Hurricane estimated damage at $20,000. Katie is hoping to eventually gain back what they lost, and raise relief money to help patch up some immediate repairs due to wetness and unsealed doors and windows, which cause the threat of looters breaking in. They will use the money to buy building materials such as windows, wood, replacement tiles, roofing, and some equipment that was destroyed.

To promote their campaign Katie and her family are regularly posting and tagging people on social media and sending daily updates on their story. Katie is asking people to help by contributing anything they can and spreading the word.

They have already used some of the money raised to get Katie’s father evacuated, and he is now staying with family in the US. Katie has a group of family and friends who are gearing up to go to Cabo with her father and help rebuild, so long as they can raise enough money to get supplies, a truck and gas money to drive down in two weeks.

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