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FundRazr Enhanced Story Editing: Your Story Your Way

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FundRazr Enhanced Story Editing: Your Story Your Way

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The FundRazr Team introduces Enhanced Story Editing to help you better tell your story, reach out to your community and collect more contributions!

Enhanced Story Editing
Now you may tell your story just the way you intended. New features include the ability to bold and italicize words, add links to sentences or words, and most importantly add pictures and videos to your story.

Q: How will this help you raise more money?

A: Text is often adequate for descriptions. However, it is usually not enough to tell an engaging story. Just like the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Now, imagine how many words a video is worth. Pictures and words are a great way to engage donors and connect with them emotionally. The imagery showcases different aspects of your campaign such as tone and mood and offers a compact and engaging way to tell a story. In fact, campaigns with videos often raise over 100% more than campaigns that don`t.

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Case Study: JusTea

Media Rich Story
JusTea is a company that strives to help Kenyan tea farmers escape the cycle of poverty through local business cooperation. The campaign would have been difficult to explain with plain text because there are many aspects that needs to be addressed such as: what the plan is, whether or not the project is scalable, and why donors should contribute. However, because JusTea fully utilized the enhanced story editor, they were able to break the story into smaller, more engaging segments that included multiple visuals and a video. In fact, they were able to effectively summarize their whole campaign through an easy, simple to read infographic.


JusTea also fully utilizes the perk system to thank supporters as well as to give incentive to others to contribute. It offers 13 perks ranging from $15 to $1000. The perks include different types of tea, cups, yoga lessons and even opportunities to be a part of the project through adopting a tea bush or a Kitchen in Kenya. The perks have been tremendously successful since nearly all contributors claimed a perk.

You can add a perk on your Campaign’s Edit page. For more perk info, check out our previous blog post.

You can always contact us at with any questions. Be creative & Have fun!

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