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Collect more donations with FundRazr’s Donate Button

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Collect more donations with FundRazr’s Donate Button

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It’s never been cheaper or easier to add a donate button on your website and link directly to your crowdfunding campaign or a donation form!

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We provide you with the code you need to embed any of our many styles of donate button directly onto your website, making it quick and easy for you to track all donations and turn your website traffic into revenue streams.

Essentially, your donate button is an invitation for website visitors to support your organization. By embedding FundRazr’s donate button to your website, you will:

> Increase the conversion rates, as it will be linked to an optimized donation form or a specific crowdfunding campaign.

> Improve the word-of-mouth as all campaigns and forms are socially-enabled and offer innovative post-donation workflow for maximizing impact.

> Track the results in one place and tap into the power of automation. With automatic tax receipts and updates, you can stay closer to your community.

> To embed your donation button, just look for the blue icon in the sharing toolbar below your campaign cover image.

FundRazr’s Donate Button and Donate Forms are Free – no setup or monthly fees! 

To ensure the donate button looks cohesive with the rest of your website, we have a variety of button designs to choose from. We offer the classic style donate button, but also a badge style which includes your campaign cover image and some key statistics.

donate button forms

We also provide you with HTML code that will load up your campaign page in lightbox over your organization’s website. This way, the donor never even needs to leave your page to take a look at your campaign. Just paste this code into your website script – we give you the option to automatically copy it to your clipboard to make the whole process super simple.

For the best results, it is recommended to pair the Donate Button to FundRazr’s conversion-optimized donate form.

donate form for donate button

There are many reasons why embed Donate Button powered by FundRazr into your website:

>  Flexible and easy-to-create
>  Optimized for more conversions
>  Mobile-friendly
>  Smooth donation experience
> Connected to innovative post-donation social activation workflow
> Customizable ask and story
> Captures recurring donation
> Automatic tax receipts
> Access to transaction reports
> Your current payment processing provider (through PayPal or Stripe)

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