Crowdfunding Your Fun Run for a Good Cause

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Crowdfunding Your Fun Run for a Good Cause

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Last week, your mom called and told you your favorite aunt has cancer. After getting over the shock of the sad news, you decided to do something tangible to raise money for your dear aunt. And, because you are a runner, you immediately thought of organizing a fun run in her honor.

Crowdfund a running event for a good cause

While this is a great idea, you may be worried about how much responsibility you are taking on. Fortunately, with plenty of pre-planning and some great tools, you can more easily put together a successful event that will raise money for your beloved aunt and spread the word about your cause.

Select Your Date and Location

While you understandably want to help as soon as possible, don’t lose sight of how much you have to do to put on a successful event. Once you decide on the distance of your run (5K, 10K or relay), determine where it should take place. Look for someplace that is convenient and has already hosted a successful fun run. Ideas include the track at your local high school, parks and neighborhood courses.

Once you have your location, you can select the date. Start by communicating with the venue to see when they have open dates. Then, make sure you choose a day that is not already filled with other local events. Depending on the size of your event, you may need more or less time to plan and get everyone together. For example, if you are expecting mainly friends and family to come, you can get away with a closer date, but if you are inviting everyone in the community, you may need extra time.

Choose Your Theme

To make your fun run, well fun, be sure to choose a theme. A great place to start thinking of a theme is with the person or cause of your fundraiser — in this case, it would be with your aunt. Think about her hobbies and interests. For example, if she can’t get enough of shows like “The Walking Dead,” have a zombie theme where the organizers dress up as zombies and chase the runners to the finish line. Or, if she has season tickets to the ballet, encourage everyone to show up in a tutu and leotard. Or, you can simply have runners create teams and come dressed in crazy team costumes. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s fun and energetic.

Use Crowdfunding Tools

Putting on a fun run involves spending money for everything from tables for registration to water and snacks for the runners to paying for the venue. Since you want to raise as much money as you can above your starting costs, you need to find ways to raise additional funds. An easy way to do this is through crowdfunding.

Before you launch your campaign, start spreading the word about your event and your cause on social media. Once you have some interest, launch your fundraiser to keep people talking about your cause. To spread the word as much as possible, create new pages that are devoted to your fun run and establish a hashtag for others to use. This makes tracking your campaign more organized and easier to find.

Then, make sure to create interesting posts that pull at the heartstrings and make people laugh. And, don’t forget about photos and videos to really get noticed.

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