FundRazr’s Crowdfunding Steps to Success

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FundRazr’s Crowdfunding Steps to Success

Crowdfunding Advisors, FundRazr Team

Helping our community get to the next level of crowdfunding success 🚀

We’re excited to provide you with a video of our exclusive webinar “Crowdfunding Steps to Success” that was held on December 12th, 2013. This special webinar is for those who are interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign, about to launch or have already launched their campaign.

Check out the video to get step by step coaching through the various features of campaign’s creation and to increase your FundRazr campaign’s success.

You will learn 4 crucial crowdfunding steps to success:

1. Pre-Launch. How to ensure your campaign will succeed before it’s launched.
2. Launch/Promotion. How to reach out for donations and promote your campaign.
3. Boost. How to push past a lull and revitalize your campaign.
4. Post-Campaign. How to engage your donors and finalize your campaign.

We want your FundRazr campaign to succeed!

If you have a minute to spare, please give us some feedback in comments so we can be sure to provide future webinar content that is most relevant to you.

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