Crazy Ways People Raise Money For Causes

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Crazy Ways People Raise Money For Causes

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Here at FundRazr, we highly appreciate your ongoing support of great causes. It means a lot to people you are helping out!

This time we’ve got so impressed by a few inspiring campaigns created by people who do crazy things to help others. Check those out!

Pete’s Chastity for Charity

Pete's Chastity for Charity_FundRazr

A 33-year-old man decided to commit his abstinence to saving girls who are forced against their will to have sex.

Pete is raising funds for a nonprofit that empowers trafficking survivors and vulnerable girls in Cambodia by giving them scholarships. $25 donation provides a girl with education for a month.

Moved in Asia to help orphans

Shaelyn Small FundRazr for kids

A 20-years old Marple Newtown High School graduate decided to leave her friends and family to work with mentally and physically challenged orphans in Asia.

Shaelyn is not only volunteering her time & energy, but is also raising money for 3 orphans in Thailand who need eye surgeries. Help these boys enjoy their childhood. Read her story here.

No Shoes For A Year

No shoes for a year_FundRazr

For 365 days Richard is going to wear no shoes to raise money for children who have never had the luxury of owning a pair.

The reality of life for many individuals in developing countries is that having a pair of shoes is a rarity. Over 300 million children worldwide don’t have shoes.

We have a choice. They don’t.

Support these campaigns to make a difference in people’s lives! Share with your friends to raise awareness!

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