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Save time by cloning your crowdfunding campaign

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Save time by cloning your crowdfunding campaign

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The team at Fundrazr is excited to announce a new and long-awaited feature: campaign cloning!

What’s campaign cloning?

This new cloning feature was developed for the most avid fundraisers on our platform. The idea behind it is simple; to save you time on campaign creation so you can spend it communicating with your donors. 

This new feature lets you quickly duplicate an existing campaign, so it can be quickly updated and taken live in just a few minutes! Campaign cloning will be a great option for those running multiple virtual events, peer-to-peer events, or campaigns with corporate sponsors. You can clone a campaign in no time – just change the images and campaign story, and within 15 minutes, you’re ready to launch!

Campaign cloning feature is FREE and available to organizational campaign owners!

Here are a few benefits of campaign cloning:

– You’ll have the option to transfer the media gallery items that were already added to your previous campaign. Therefore, you can easily reuse them and build trust with your audience by showcasing your previous campaign’s success!

– You can choose to transfer rewards, perks and wishes from the old campaign to your new , cloned ones. Just change the pricing if you need to and you’re all good to go.

– Have existing registration settings transferred over to your new campaign and forget about taking an extra 30 minutes to create a new registration form!

– Finally, all the saved settings for existing campaigns and sub-campaigns will be automatically applied onto cloned campaigns, so you’re free from dealing with the technical side of things. Just have fun and get creative updating your images and story!

How to access and use this new feature

Once you are on the campaign page, just click on the gear settings icon and scroll down to the new feature labeled as Clone, then click on it. It’s that easy!

crowdfunding campaign fundraiser cloning

Select the items you want to be transferred and click on clone!

fundrazr crowdfunding cloning

And your new campaign is ready! 

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