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Charity at Christmas

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Charity at Christmas

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Something there is about the quality of the air at this time of year that inspires a soul to dig deep. Indeed, says a new Ipsos Reid study, some 87 percent of Canadians report that feeling good about donating to charity is something they like about the holiday season. That’s the same percentage of folks who single out gift-giving as a preferred activity during this stretch.

charityThat seasonally stimulated impulse for human beings to reach out a hand to others is a good thing, and the surging advent of crowdfunding opportunities can only augment it.

To that charitable end, why not have a wander over to FundRazr’s dynamic site, where you’ll find no shortage of worthy causes that might benefit from your Christmas-inspired largesse.

Consider two-year-old Brielle Perry, a Texas toddler who’s spent too much of her short life dragged down by chemotherapy sessions to treat her AML-M7 leukemia. By donating to her heart-rending cause, you’ll help Brielle and her five-year-old sister Reese get dream room makeovers before Christmas time.

Or flip a few dollars to the campaign supporting the orphans of Ecuador, a sad population of children whose caregivers report a marked decline in spirits during the Christmas season. Just a small fraction of the $10,000 goal to buy food and little presents for these lone souls has been raised so far. What a perfect Christmas-flavoured gesture an addition to these coffers would be.

Or support the efforts of the little boy from Vancouver who acknowledges his own good fortune and wants all needy Canadian and American children to be similarly cozy with the simple gift of pyjamas this Christmas.

The spirit of giving at this time of year is powerful. Don’t give up on it. Give in. Give.

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