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Case Study: How Last Chance Animal Rescue Helped Thousands Escape Death

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Case Study

Case Study: How Last Chance Animal Rescue Helped Thousands Escape Death

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We keep helping non-profits and rescues raise money for animals in need and asking for their feedback and fundraising experience to share with other organizations and those who care.

Here is our interview with Judith Langmaid from one of the amazing animal rescues, Last Chance Animal Rescue, who revealed their best practices on how to build an online community of supporters, what are the most effective marketing channels and benefits of using crowdfunding.

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Who is Last Chance Animal Rescue?

Last Chance Animal Rescue is a volunteer based not for profit organization, that is all about giving animals another chance. A chance to escape death in high-kill, rural shelters and find life in loving adoptive homes.

Last Chance Animal Rescue has found homes for more than 6,000 cats and dogs since its founding in 2008. It rescues animals regardless of age, breed or health, and trys to save as many animals by underwriting the cost of relocating them to “NO KILL” facilities and foster homes.

With the help of a crowdfunding platform FundRazr, Last Chance Animal Rescue has raised over $68,000 in three years, enabling them to save the lives of 3000 cats and dogs. Thanks to the generosity of volunteers, fosters, adopters, donors and sponsors they are able to save the lives of so many deserving animals.

Watch this video created about their incredible achievements with the help of FundRazr.

How did you build up your community on Facebook?

Judith Langmaid: “We have used ads very little – we have created a following by drawing people in at specific points each week. Friday is Fun Foto Friday – we invite adopters to share photos and updates about their adopted pets which we repost for everyone to view. It is a draw and the updates are what really make everyone feel a big part of the process. We have also engage people in our rescue efforts establishing our rescue missions and asking for them to donate so that we can rescue animals at risk. This gives people a chance to see an animal at risk and then their donations at work as the animal is rescued and ultimately adopted.

In addition each week we share all of our adopted pets on Sunday night posting the updates between 7-11pm with a final montage of all of the faces of the adopted pets. This has become something that people look forward to, they spend their night watching the posts come across their pages and again it validates that their efforts if they have donated or shared an animal for foster and adoption. In general we post every hour from 8am – 8pm we schedule posts that include everything from information on events, animals in need of foster, funny photos, feel good stories, recipes and DYI projects – providing a regular stream of content.”

What is your social media strategy?

Judith Langmaid: “We find the adoption posts are the ones that people like the most and seem to engage them the most.”

Which marketing channel is the most effective to attract new donors?

Judith Langmaid: “Social media is most effective, all of our Facebook posts are also posted to Twitter and we use Instagram and Pinterest less frequently but enough to keep growing our following and establishing multiple channels for the info.”

What are the main benefits of using FundRazr?

Judith Langmaid: “It is integrated with social media, establishes funds for each animal so people can donate to the one they want most to help.”

What are the main challenges you face while crowdfunding for your non-profit?

Judith Langmaid: “The decrease in reach through our Facebook posts – we have seen a huge decline in donations as a result.”

We rely entirely on donations, without crowdfunding we could not continue our efforts – we are only limited by the number of foster homes and funds available – if people want to save more lives they need to donate to allow us to do so.

Support Last Chance Animal Rescue today and share their story. Create a campaign to help save an animal in need!

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