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Case Study: How Dachshund Rescue South Florida Saves Lives

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Case Study

Case Study: How Dachshund Rescue South Florida Saves Lives

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How can non-profits get people engaged with their causes? Which strategy can be effective to show contributors that they are making a difference?

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We’ve interviewed the founder of one of the incredible animal rescues, Dachshund Rescue South Florida, who shared their experience with FundRazr and revealed some of the best practices on how to sustain a dialogue and build long-term relationships with supporters on Facebook, how to show donors that their donations are making a difference to dogs.

Who is Dachshund Rescue South Florida?

Dachshund Rescue South Florida is a foster based rescue and not-for-profit organization that helps dogs find new homes after being in a shelter, as a stray on the streets, or owner surrendered. They do not turn away any dachshund in need due to age, medical condition or injuries.

Since their inception in 2009, DRSF has saved over 100 dogs and in less than 2 years has raised over $130,000 on crowdfunding platform FundRazr to save the lives of more than 60 severely sick or injured dachshunds suffering from everything from multiple IVDD surgeries, broken legs, skin conditions to neurological issues, mammary tumor removals, heart illnesses – all made possible by compassion and generosity of people from across the country and around the world. Watch the video on how they benefit from their online community and crowdfunding.

How do you get your supporters engaged with your causes?

Jennifer S. Hessley: “We worked very hard to make our page interactive, answering specific questions and comments, as well as thanking and tagging people who donate. We are so lucky that people get emotionally invested in our dogs so we try to answer all their questions, provide updates, as well as share educational information regarding specific conditions, injuries, or medical process/methodology that we are using to heal our dogs so that our followers can become more informed and savvy pet parents!”

Which strategy is the most effective to interact with supporters on Facebook?

Jennifer S. Hessley: “For us, Facebook has been instrumental in our success. The stories go out real time, and we can interact personally with those following our team and dogs to make it feel real to them and that they are part of the team. We do everything in our power to share happy tales as well and have had great success with “before and afters” so that people can see their donations at work and that they are making a difference.”

What are the main challenges you face while using FundRazr?

Jennifer S. Hessley: “I don’t want to curse us, but we have been so fortunate in our ability to fundraise with Fundrazr online. I would love for people to know that we could not do what we do without them and every dollar counts and is given with love!”

To summarize, here is some advice to keep your supporters engaged
  1. Thank and tag people who donate to your cause. Expressing your attention and appreciation to them you will also reach their friends and attract new supporters to your cause.
  2. Show “before and after” results in pictures, words and videos. Your contributors value the work you do, support your mission and expect you to accomplish it. Results are the best way to show your recognition and assure them that their money was used to change real lives for good.

Support Dachshund Rescue South Florida today and share their story. Create a campaign to help save an animal in need!

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