How to Build and Manage Your All-Star Crowdfunding Team

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How to Build and Manage Your All-Star Crowdfunding Team

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Teamwork makes the dream work.
No man is an island.
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
All these quotes and cliches exist for a reason.

Why do I need a fundraising team?

You’ve seen enough inspirational teamwork quotes on stock photos to last a lifetime, which makes it easy to forget sometimes that there’s a reason they’re so prevalent. Teamwork really is essential to success, and crowdfunding projects are no exception.

That’s why we made it so easy for campaign owners to build and manage teams. The more people who focus on promoting the same campaign, the greater the social impact it will have, and the more money you’ll raise for the campaign. When you have full team features like FundRazr’s, this also allows you to reach a much larger audience and cover all of your campaign’s bases more efficiently.

For nonprofits and companies, team features allow you to spread the workload and not rely on a single log in (which also helps accountability). Assigning action items keeps your team working together, and donor attribution allows you to see who’s having the most success in donor outreach. Similarly, for personal causes, teamwork takes the pressure off of one person, which is especially helpful in troubled times, as families, friends, and communities, can band together to support each other in fundraising efforts.

So how do I build my fundraising team?

On the operational side, you have two options on FundRazr’s team features. You can directly invite your friends or colleagues to join your team from the ‘Members’ tab on your campaign and choose what role they’ll have before they even join, streamlining the process.

You can also choose whether or not you want to allow visitors to join your team. If you choose to add the ‘Join Team’ button, visitors can submit a request to join the team, which you can approve or deny. For organizations, this is a fantastic way to rally your supporters around your cause and benefit from their networks and increased engagement.

Who does what?

Members can share and promote your campaign, while promoters can do this while also posting updates to the campaign. Managers are able to edit the campaign, manage the team and view transactions, while only the campaign owner has the ability to withdraw funds.

With team features comes the ability to delegate tasks to your teammates. If you’ve ever worked in a group environment, you know that delegation is a huge part of executing projects efficiently. When something needs to be done on your campaign and you need to get the word out to your team members quickly, you can create and assign action items. We’ll send them an email notifying them of what needs to be done and where they can mark it as complete when they’ve finished the task.

So go forth, rally your troops, and work together to achieve your goals! Start a campaign with us to use the best team features offered by any crowdfunding platform.

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