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Step Up Your Fundraising – Build Volunteer Campaigns Into Your Website!

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Step Up Your Fundraising – Build Volunteer Campaigns Into Your Website!

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As a nonprofit organizer, have you ever had a supporter or volunteer come to you with an idea for how they can pitch in and help with your fundraising efforts? Perhaps they want to set out on a sponsored run, or shave their head to raise funds for your organization!

Of course it’s great to hear that your cause inspires such passion, but it also raises a unique challenge – how can you administer these type of initiatives, keeping them separate, but still under your organization’s umbrella?

Fortunately, FundRazr offers a specialized way address all these issues and then some, tailored to your organization’s needs.

About Third-Party Campaigns

A Third-Party Campaign is “a fundraising campaign created and promoted by a volunteer or community member on behalf of your organization”.

When executed well, these types of campaigns have the potential to effectively address three of the seven Strategic Benefits that we aim to deliver here at FundRazr.

  • Firstly, Third-Party Campaigns can increase leverage – empowering volunteers, advocates, sponsors and community members to work with you.
  • Secondly, they can amplify engagement – providing your existing and potential supporters with new ways to interact with your cause.
  • Finally, a well-run Third-Party Campaign will ensure sustainability – by making these campaigns user-friendly and fun to take on, you can make sure volunteer campaigners have such a great experience that they want to help out again and again!

The key to a successful Third-Party Campaign is allowing it to remain reasonably independent, while you retain immediate access to donations and the power to ensure the campaign is effective, professional, and on-brand. FundRazr’s Third-Party Campaign option keeps you, the non-profit organizer, in the driver’s seat.

How it Works

You won’t need to worry about making your volunteer a fundraising agent – instead, they can simply apply to create a campaign right on your website using the Third-Party sign-up option. Once they have personalized their campaign page by entering their story, photos and videos, they submit the campaign for your approval. Then, you can coach them or update the campaign as you see fit before it goes live.

Once you’ve approved the campaign and it’s fully operational, contributions will flow directly to your accounts – a much better option than requiring your volunteer to handle donations themselves! While donor data privacy will be maintained, the volunteer campaigner can still communicate with and thank donors.

Depending on your organization’s unique goals, you’ll have the option to either hide or display your nonprofit’s ‘Master Campaign’. By hiding the Master Campaign, you’re keeping the total, aggregated amount that all your volunteers have raised private. If Third-Party campaigns were an integral part of your strategy and you wanted to initiate as many as possible, a Public Master campaign may be the best option for you.

It’s Easy!

With Third-Party campaigns, you’ll still enjoy many of the benefits that set FundRazr apart, such as the Keep It All option that makes all donations immediately available, Incentives like Perks or Wishes, Automatic Tax Receipts, and Scheduled Deadlines.

For more information, you can check out the example Third-Party Campaign we’ve created at, to get a sense of what these ideas look like in action.

Remember, we’re here to help! If you need assistance implementing a Third-Party Campaign, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Good luck and happy campaigning!

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