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Best Tips for Your Year-End Fundraiser

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Best Tips for Your Year-End Fundraiser

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There’s no question that the holidays are the most important time of the year for giving. In December, even occasional donors make a habit of giving. For many, the holidays are the only time of the year when they donate to charity or contribute to fundraisers.

A staggering 31% of all yearly charity giving happens in December – 12% in the final three days!

From us to you, here’s some tips to making sure your holiday fundraising is on point – whatever your mission may be.

Tell an engaging story.

Giving is a deeply emotional act – the desire to help is driven by empathy, the most basic human emotion. Make sure your campaign’s text brings your viewers along on your journey in a conversational, honest manner. Stay away from dry description of any part of your mission or work. By inviting your donors into your story, you give them the power to help give it a happy ending.

Get festive.

Don’t be afraid to get sparkly and seasonal! This is the right time of year to get in on the holiday spirit and use fun, festive phrasing and graphics. You can even build the holiday right into your fundraiser – can you offer decorations or ornaments in exchange for donations? Host a Christmas cookie bake-off or carol-a-thon?


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Look back – and ahead.

The end of the year is the perfect time to let your supporters know how far you’ve come. Try sharing the impact of their past donations in ‘2018 Highlights’ type messaging, or tailoring campaign goals to the financial needs of your programming for the upcoming year.

Hang onto holiday donors

Take advantage of the increased charitable giving happening now – if you tell your story well, some of these new supporters may stick around, becoming recurring monthly donors that could bring exponential benefit to your organization. In all your holiday messaging, share your organization’s journey over the coming year, focusing on the positive work that recurring donations can do. Think about ways to incentivize recurring giving – maybe those who commit to future giving during this time could receive a special gift or join a donor’s club?

End Positive

Set a clear end date for your campaign, that’s in line with its seasonal nature; late December or very early January is perfect. Make sure end of campaign messaging is happy and positive, focusing on all the incredible impact that donations will have on your mission in the coming year. If donors leave your campaign feeling great, it’s more likely that they’ll continue to care about your work – and even donate again and again!

Although these tips are tailored for Holiday fundraising, the reality is that a well-run and designed campaign has a better chance any day of the year. By making sure Holiday campaigns are of the best possible quality you can deliver, you can bring in new donors, increase your donations, and leave everyone – from donors to volunteers – feeling warm and fuzzy with holiday cheer.

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