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Behind The Scenes: A Crowdfunding Success Story

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Behind The Scenes: A Crowdfunding Success Story

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In March of 2015, Quest Atkinson volunteered in the Dominican Republic to help with various community outreach activities. Knowing this trip would be costly she decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to reach her family, friends and other like minded people to help fund her expenses. We decided to go behind the scenes to break down her crowdfunding success. Use Quest’s detailed advise to effectively raise money online for a cause you love.

“Over the course of a week I extensively researched other fundraising platforms, comparing costs and features. I realized that FundRazr had comparable fees to other platforms but seemed to offer more features. With a leap of faith I decided to start my fundraising project on FundRazr and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.”

“Once my project had been set up on Fundrazr, I used the vast number of tools available to me to get the word out. The tools available to those who use FundRazr are phenomenal. Me and my community of supporters are able to spread the word about my project in various ways, including major social media outlets, on websites, in emails, and even text messages! We can share the whole campaign or specific messages and updates.”

“The first steps I took were posting to the Facebook group and LinkedIn group I created. I then prepared a list of people that I knew might have an interest in what I’d be doing. I wrote each of them a personalized email explaining what I’d be doing, asking for their support, and outlining the ways that they could help.”

“I love the ability to spread the word about my project not only by using Facebook, LinkedIn, and G+ tools, but also by assigning manager and promoter roles to friends and family.”

“Integration with social media platforms also makes things easy peasy. My Facebook page gets updated automatically whenever a donation comes in or an update is made. Also, people can subscribe to your page to automatically receive updates and so far I’ve had a few followers. Additionally, I’ve used the text message feature that allows me to text my FundRazr link to anyone and I’ve tried the email campaign option that enabled me to create and send personalized emails with a link to my FundRazr page.”

“You’re allowed and even encouraged to upload several pictures and even videos! You can also send direct, personal messages to those who have donated. Though I haven’t yet used it, I love the option to add an array of pictures and videos and I hope to post some more media soon.”

“Being able to send direct and personal messages to my donors has been a really sweet touch”

“FundRazr has a very comprehensive arsenal of tools available which I’ve quite enjoyed using. I’ve found the offline contribution tool tremendously helpful. FundRazr understands that we don’t always receive funds online and they try to make it as easy as possible to receive funds in multiple ways and have your funding progress updated.”

“Best of all, having, my very own FundRazr coach assigned to me personally has been amazing. I frequently receive tips about how to make my campaign better and the team has always been very responsive and quick to help when I ask a question. You won’t find another fundraising platform as robust and value driven as this!”

1. Believe in yourself

“Firstly, only crowdfund for a project that you truly believe in. If you’re not 100% invested in the work you’re doing, it’ll be hard for others to be invested too. ”

2. Make it personal

“Make things as personal as possible. Whether it’s writing a personal letter to someone or you being transparent about your goals for the project and how the costs are broken down. People always appreciate truthfulness and can relate to you if you share what’s really on your heart.”

3. Build a team of support

“Also, start with people you know you can count on and build a team of advocates to help you spread the word. Fundrazr has a useful tool to help you with this under ‘Team’.”

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