Artists Meet The Muppet World!

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Artists Meet The Muppet World!

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When fibre artists Nikki Webber and Melissa Nasby, entered a Jim Henson [creator of The Muppet’s and Sesame Street] character contest, they received an “Honourable Mention” and a place in the top 10! They knew the character they created, Nym, was special when they were personally invited to New York City to meet the Henson’s and Brian and Wendy Froud! This is an opportunity of a lifetime to show off Nym and have their creativity valued and recognized.

There is one small problem, these artists simply can’t afford to get to New York on their own. They have turned to the crowd (family, friends and even strangers!) to raise the funds to take up this opportunity of a lifetime. We spoke with Melissa about how they have reached 93% of their fundraising goal using crowdfunding platform FundRazr.

Why did you decide to turn to crowdfunding?

“We are over the moon excited about this opportunity of a lifetime…however, we are artists and we simply cannot afford to do this on our own. That is why we turned to crowdfunding.

Fundrazr was so easy to use! It was so fast to set up as we needed to launch our campaign in a hurry. I loved be able to choose which type of campaign to run. There was no spamming and “over-doing it”. It was the perfect vehicle to get our campaign the results we needed in order to make this dream become a reality. We are very pleased with this whole experience!”

How did you promote your campaign and garner support?

“We used Facebook as our main source of promotion for this campaign, followed by local radio and newspaper features. We also took Nym to a Fibre Show in Vancouver to help spread the word.”

What was the highlight of your experience crowdfunding?

“The highlight of this experience has definitely been the amount of support and encouragement from so many people. Some were strangers, old high school friends, local businesses, community groups, and fellow artists! Such a beautiful thing to experience the kindness and generosity of those who believe in you.”

What advice do you have for others who want to crowdfund?

“Our advice is to just do it! It was so hard to ask for help, but it has turned into the most incredible experience.”

Click Here to follow the campaign.

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