Aprons for Gloves: How an Amateur Fight Night Raised a Million for At-Risk Youth

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Aprons for Gloves: How an Amateur Fight Night Raised a Million for At-Risk Youth

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Here at FundRazr, we think every campaign is amazing. But sometimes, a campaign makes use of our platform so creatively, and to such incredible success, that they truly set themselves apart. Today, we recognize one of those campaigns – Aprons for Gloves, who have now raised a phenomenal ONE MILLION dollars over the seven years they have been in operation!

The hard work and dedication of the people behind this campaign inspires us to continue our mission to build a crowdfunding platform that’s easy to use, affordable, and powerful enough to enact real change. We are endlessly inspired by the many people who put themselves out there to help vulnerable communities as part of Aprons for Gloves. Their success proves that we’re on right track.

Aprons for Gloves is an organization that believes in the power of sport, community, and compassion. Targeted at Vancouver restaurant industry workers, the concept is to stage fun and entertaining amateur boxing events, then use the money raised to reinstate a historic Downtown Eastside boxing program for at-risk women and youth, thus using local pride and camaraderie to make a difference in the most susceptible segments of their own community. AFG believes that the studying the sport of boxing is empowering for participants, not only teaching self-defence, but helping to build physical health, a sense of capability and self-esteem, and establishing a positive and supportive community among the women and youth that take part in the program.

Aprons for Gloves’ events raise money by making each amateur boxer a passionate advocate for their cause. When an individual decides they want to compete, they’re given their own sub-campaign FundRazr page, where their friends, family, and industry coworkers can donate. They must meet fundraising targets of $500, $1500, or $2000 to be eligible to fight. Then, they’re invited to join specialized training sessions to prepare for Fight Night, which is a large, popular evening event in a party atmosphere – and ticket sales also go towards the cause!

Naturally, participants’ networks get engaged and excited at the idea of seeing their friend fight on stage! This encourages them to donate and attend the event, but also to learn more about the cause, and the benefits of sport in general for the sense of empowerment they can bring to those from at-risk backgrounds.

If you want to donate, please visit their fundraising page: https://fundrazr.com/Aprons2018

The program where the money raised is donated is held at Eastside Boxing Club on Keefer Street in Vancouver’s Chinatown. They offer an after-school boxing program for at-risk youth, which is free to attend and completely funded by donations. In addition to traditional boxing, they offer non-contact boxing fitness classes five times a week, and there is pre- and post-workout nutrition provided, as well as a food pantry and all boxing clothing and supplies. They also work in partnership with outreach worker and health professionals to make sure all the young participants are connected with any and all forms of support that they need.

Eastside Boxing Club also offers drop-in self-defence classes twice monthly for women and the LGBTQ community. The classes are provided free of charge with the intention of helping these vulnerable populations protect themselves against street harassment.  

Aprons for Gloves has ingeniously tapped the power of the tight-knit local restaurant industry, the entertainment value of a good boxing match, and Vancouverites’ pride and concern for their youth to accomplish something truly impressive. Not only have hundreds of youth found a healthy, safe, and positive after-school activity, but thousands have come together to support their friends and enjoy a fun night out for a good cause.

This week FundRazr raises our glasses to toast the amazing people in the food service industry in Vancouver who, as volunteers working together, have raised over $1,000,000 for those less fortunate who live on Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

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