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All Creatures Great and Small

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Time it was that the only recourse for a family struggling with expenses associated with caring for their furriest members was to dig into their own limited pockets — and hope they were deep enough. And animals in the wild have long been left to their own devices, which meant lots of them simply had to give in to forces beyond their control when a pawful of dollars spent to lessen their suffering might have turned things dramatically around.

In more recent times, crowdfunding has emerged as a compassionate alternative. Here, pets and animals get a fundraising channel of their own, wherein two-legged fans can donate cash to worthy causes that warm the lives of creatures who might otherwise be left in the cold.

Think Pippin the pony, who, after many selfless years of devoting his time to teaching children how to ride, has developed ulcers that cloud both of his glassy blue eyes.

Or Jesse, a severely emaciated dog from Atlanta, GA, who was so hungry when animal control found him that he was eating his own feces.

Or Nugget, a seven-year-old rescue pug from Philadelphia who has a mast cell tumour on his leg that could cost as much as $7,500 to excise and treat.

From pet adoption to funding an animal rescue from a shelter, to covering the often exorbitant expenses of vet and surgery bills, animals can be expensive propositions. FundRazr plays host to a number of campaigns devoted to raising funds for their care. Take a trot on over for a gander of the possibilities there are for helping those who cannot help themselves.

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