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A FundRazr Success Story: Aprons for Gloves

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A FundRazr Success Story: Aprons for Gloves

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FundRazr strives to build a community of giving. Aprons For Gloves, a service industry non-profit organization, helped make a difference in FundRazr’s home community of Vancouver. Their efforts have led to a nomination for Best Social Media Campaign at the Vancouver Social Media Awards.
In July of 2012, Aprons For Gloves hosted the Restaurant Rumble, a charity boxing event to benefit the kids of the downtown east side Vancouver. In just 3 short months, the contenders raised $130,000. In this blog post, Aprons for Gloves representative, Chuck McIntosh, tells the story of their success.

The Restaurant Rumble of Success
by Chuck McIntosh
Aprons for Gloves is a charity event raising money to build a gym to run boxing programs for innercity kids. This gym will help kids on the downtown east side of Vancouver stay focused on the right things in life.

Just over 60 service industry professionals signed up for 3 months of boxing training with the hope of fighting at the big event. One of the many criteria to be eligible to fight at the big event was that each competitor was required to raise a mimimim of $2000.

Our Social Media strategy was to build a community online where people would be excited to come back to on a daily basis. Sharing the information online allowed us to provide consistent updates for months at a time to contestants and supporters. Social media kept everyone excited and empowered to share the information with everyone they know.

We created videos and information showing people the cause of what we were doing and why. All of this was easy to understand and easy for all of the competitors to share, direct people to, and explain to their friends. We used Fundrazr to create a custom campaign to collect all of the online donations. Most importantly, after it was easily setup, it gave competitors lots of sharing opportunities through their networks.

We documented each grueling day of of training through photo updates, video documentaries, regular blog posting, and local mini events leading to to the event. We created competitions among competitors to help them raise the money and gave them the tools to make it easy for them to be excited to share their journey with their networks. Everything we did was designed to be shared and re-shared through social media.

All in all, AFG ended up raising $130,000, the majority of which was raised socially through a community effort of inspired and motivated individuals.

It is amazing what can be done when you build a community of like minded people rallying around the same great cause.

Aprons for Gloves

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