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7 Steps to Nailing the Number 1 Key to Campaign Success

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7 Steps to Nailing the Number 1 Key to Campaign Success

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As humans, we are all bound by storytelling. That’s why when you make a crowdfunding campaign, the first questions we ask you is “what’s your story?”

Stories connect and unite us, and telling your story authentically is a huge part of resonating with potential donors. But as your audience is inundated with more and more native content, the need to stand out and differentiate your campaign has become even more profound.

It’s not a secret any longer that video holds the key to opening more donor doors. However, as campaigns become more saturated with video content, it’s not enough to include a video, you need to include good video.

Creating a video that tells your story is a must-have for any crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding campaigns that really get all of the attention attention are the ones that have harnessed the power of creative, funny videos. Consistently, when you see successful campaigns, they’ve done a really good job telling their story and have a quality video to amplify it.

Not only does video content make your story more visual and engaging, it provides you with a great avenue to update and show gratitude to your donors by sharing videos of your project’s progress, but as we’ve seen with many FundRazr campaigns, incorporating video can double your donations.


Here’s what you need to keep in mind to knock your campaign video out of the park.

Pitch Perfect

Clearly outline your goal or what your cause or business does within the first 15 seconds: You’ve probably heard of the term ‘elevator pitch’. An elevator pitch is basically the concept of conveying your value in the time it takes to ride an elevator. Use this elevator pitch right at your video’s beginning to grab your viewer’s attention; then focus on holding on to that attention!

Let the Personality Shine Through

Every company, cause, and individual has it’s own unique style, and you should let it shine. Conveying personality through your video is a great way to differentiate your campaign from others and it builds an emotional connection with your viewers. You can make this happen with your editing, production or phrasing, just make sure it’s there somewhere.

Call Out Your Previous Wins

Beyond the emotional appeal of your startup, sharing what you’ve already achieved will give an extra layer of credibility to your potential donors. Presenting awards you have won, press coverage or examples of your positive impact are some examples of methods.

Third Party Endorsements Matter

Having people from outside of your organization or immediate family vouch for your work or cause will further validate your idea to more viewers.

Would You Watch It – Really?

Think of it like a movie or a TV show – make sure your video is something you would watch the whole way through. Too many cutaways can be distracting or annoying, and they will restrict the amount of information you are able to convey throughout your video.

Be Human – Show Some Face

There is something powerful about showing faces and appealing to the human nature of causes and organizations showing your enthusiasm, conveying your knowledge and expertise, and diversity of skills sets within your team.

Finish With a Strong CTA

If you have followed all of the points listed above then it’s highly likely that your viewers would have made it to the end of your video. This is a great sign, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t finish with a great call to action to ensure they actually contribute to your campaign. Do a quick recap on all the major points of why viewers should support your campaign and invite them to be a part of your journey.

If you’re never made a video before, we have a step by step guide to take you from pre- to post- production.

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