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7 Facebook Tips For A Successful Campaign

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7 Facebook Tips For A Successful Campaign

Crowdfunding Advisors, FundRazr Team

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You’ve started your FundRazr to raise money for your cause. Wonder what the next steps to success are?

Spread the word, reach people and connect with them! The best way to do this is using social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube.

Top 2 most popular social media networks are Facebook and Twitter. In order to give your project visibility and engage more people, look at the following tips to use Facebook effectively:

1) Ask Friends & Family To Promote Your Campaign via Facebook

Ask Friends & Family To Promote Your Campaign via Facebook

Ask your family and friends to promote your cause. The more your friends and family share, the larger reach your campaign will have. Send a message, with a link to your campaign, to as many people as you can. Include text in your message that asks people to at least ‘like’ or ‘share’, even if they cannot donate.

2) Create a Facebook Page for your project or cause

Create a FB page_FundRazr

If you want to have a successful fundraiser online, one of the key ingredients is creating a Facebook Page. Not a group, not a profile, but a Page for your cause. It will be your mini website where people can connect with your cause, get regular updates, and see your FundRazr campaign’s progress.

Once you’ve created it, invite your family and friends, existing supporters and volunteers to like your page and ask them to share it with their networks. Posting regular updates and photos will help people connect and visit your page more often to find out what is going on.

Use our “Give tab” feature to add your campaign on your Facebook Page, so your visitors can donate while on Facebook. It creates a powerful call to action! Here’s a Help Page that will show you how.

3) Engage your supporters

Post story updates on Facebook via FundRazr

Your supporters want to know that their contribution is making a difference to your project.
Post a story update including links to your blog, website and news articles on your campaign page and share it on your Facebook Page.

Listen to your community by paying special attention to comments and questions. Make sure to interact with your followers, answering questions, updating them with news and asking for their feedback. It can give you an opportunity to turn your supporters into your advocates who will promote, support and be involved with your causes for a while.

Thank your supporters by commenting directly on donations, and post “thank you” messages on your Facebook page!

4) Turn on “Similar Page Suggestions” to attract new followers

5)	Turn on “Similar Page Suggestions” to attract new followers

Facebook promotes your page by suggesting it to people who like pages with similar activities and topics. It’s a simple tweak to increase a number of new supporters.

Just go under Settings, find Similar Page Suggestions and check the box to include yours when Facebook recommends similar pages.

5) Upload videos and post links posts

Post native links posts on Facebook

Take advantage of the recent Facebook’s algorithm update that has made videos and link posts a priority in the news feed. When you type or paste a link on your Facebook page, it automatically generates a preview with a larger image.

With a video you could tell a visual story of your projects, thank your contributors and get more eyes to see your fundraising activities, and also on average double your donations. Consider uploading videos directly on Facebook, as opposed to linking videos from YouTube or Vimeo, because it will reach more of your followers. Learn how to create an effective video here.

6) Schedule your Facebook posts 3-5 times a day

how to schedule a post on FB

In a Social Media world your cause can be quickly forgotten unless you regularly update your supporters with new posts and keep them talking about you, so their friends will get engaged as well. Furthermore, Facebook gives users more visibility if they interact with it more often, as opposed to people who post infrequently.

Post 3-5 times a day to reach as many followers as possible. Publish story updates on weekdays and weekends. Engagement is highest on Saturday and Sunday mornings, so make sure to use Facebook’s scheduling function for your posts.

7) Use a new Save feature on Facebook

FB new Save feature

At the end of July 2014, Facebook introduced a new Save feature which lets you save posts with links, photos with links and events found on Facebook to check out later when you have more time.

If you remind your supporters how to save your posts for later from time to time, they will get a reminder in their news feed to look at these saved items.

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