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6 Essential Components Your Campaign Should Have Before Launching

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6 Essential Components Your Campaign Should Have Before Launching

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Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for your cause, but before you start your campaign, make sure you incorporate the right components into your campaign before launching it. FundRazr makes the campaign creating experience simple and easy; but before you start your campaign, comprise a small game plan. Make sure you have these 6 essential components to help your campaign launch successfully.

1. An Effective Title

Your title is a critical component towards the success of your campaign. Titles are the first thing that viewers read when browsing through multiple campaign posts. Viewers may not search your page more in depth if your title isn’t very good. Include the name of the person, group or organization that needs help, provide a clear call to action, and add a personal tone to your message. Your title shouldn’t be too wordy, but it should articulate a clear focus for the purpose of your campaign. These characteristics will make your title more outstanding when trying to collect donations.

2. Presence on Social Media

FundRazr provides easy access to social media platforms and is the more socially active than other crowdfunding sites. I was able to share my campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as email and embed links. Social media can be a great medium for generating widespread awareness for your campaign. Using mediums like Facebook will allow you to reach out to those in your networks, as well as connecting with people you may not know. You can use social media to provide updates, raise awareness, exchange comments, and various other interaction tools that can help give your campaign more attention.

3. A Good Picture

Imagine someone asks you for money, but when you go to donate you don’t see any visual representation. How would you feel towards donating to that person or cause? You are more likely to donate to a cause that you can visually comprehend, than one you can’t. The same rule should apply to your own campaign. The picture is the face of your campaign; it is, essentially, your symbol. Your picture doesn’t need to be a work of art, but it should take on a personal tone, and be related to your particular cause.

4. A Compelling Story

Although this is an optional feature, a story can add value to your campaign. Just asking for help may not be enough; by adding a story to your campaign you provide context and meaning to your campaign, which is more likely to touch the hearts and minds of anyone looking to donate. People like to know that their money is going to something worthwhile, so be sure to provide some detail about your cause when writing your story. In addition, the emotional ties to causes are what can really help drive donations. When writing your story, keep it concise, but incorporate enough detail to give solid context to your campaign. Construct your story in a way that it will appeal to the people whom you are asking to donate.

5. Perks

Offering perks can be a great way to encourage donations. Many of FundRazr’s successful campaigns offer perks, which allows users to provide rewards to anyone who donates towards your campaign. FundRazr’s perks tool is very easy to use and provides you with many options. You can decide on a set monetary number for claiming a perk, upload a picture, provide a links perks online, and let’s you have control on availability and delivery options. Perks can be a small, but effective way of generating more attention and donations to your campaign.

6. An Attainable Monetary Goal

Some campaigns require a large amount of funds; however, setting a high donation total could risk discouraging donations. When setting up your crowdfunding campaign, be sure to set a value that will provide you with the funds you need, but will also be perceived as attainable. Totals can be dependent on a particular cause, so make sure your total is appropriate for your particular cause. If you do choose to set a high value, using the keep it all option would be a good choice so you can keep all of the funds raised even if you don’t reach your goal. By setting an attainable number, your campaign is more likely to achieve its goal as well as increase donor activity.

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