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5 Ways To Step Up Your Crowdfunding Game

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5 Ways To Step Up Your Crowdfunding Game

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1. Share On Social Media

When you fund raise using social networks, you create trust and visibility for the campaigns you create, support or share. Think of your crowdfunding campaign as a compelling piece of content and your goal is to build a community around your cause. By linking your social networks to your FundRazr you make it easier to share your campaign and connect with relevant people. If your content is good it will be spread by your community.

How do you make it sharable? You need to have a short and relevant pitch that tells a clear story. You also need to be active on social media and make it easy for like minded people to share your campaign, ‘Like’, ‘Retweet’ and Comment. Don’t just ask people to share your content, but return the favor. When someone makes a comment, respond to them. If someone has a question, answer them!

The community you build should be made of compassionate people, so the more valuable connections you make the more successful you will be in achieving your funding goal.

2. Tell A Visual Story

Crowdfunding campaigns with a video pitch are twice as likely to succeed. Create a video to tell your story, tell people who you are, what you’re raising money for and why they should support you. Embed a 90 second pitch video from YouTube/Vimeo onto your campaign. Post regular video updates about your campaign and share them and give the community you worked hard to build a chance to connect with you

3. Build A Team

Gather your close friends and family members. to become advocates for your campaign. Adding team members to your campaign is easy with FundRazr’s new ‘Team’ Feature. Now you can invite a best friend or family member to your campaign team so they can help promote your campaign. They have access to posting campaign updates and invite their friends to support your campaign. Team members expand your reach, and double your chance of success. As the saying goes three’s a crowd, and a crowd is exactly what you need when it comes to crowdfunding!

4. Connect With Your Contacts

Connecting with the right people is crucial to a successful campaign, you need to reach people who will be compelled by your story, message or cause. Improve your personal connection with supporters by emailing your friends and family. FundRazr lets you select email addresses from your contact list to easily share your campaign with them. In one easy step, your campaign can reach all the people who care about your cause. Tell them what you’re raising money for and how they can help you reach your goal. Pick 5 of your closest friends and family members to email first as they are more likely to make the first donations.

5. Embed Your Campaign Everywhere

The key is to make it as easy as possible for people to donate and share your campaign. When you start a FundRazr project, FundRazr automatically generates unique widget code for your project. This widget code allows your supporters to view, share and donate to your project without ever leaving your site. All you need to do is copy and paste the widget code into your Website or blog. Integrating your crowdfunding campaign into your website allows supporters to have a seamless experience.

“Without that widget, donating becomes very cumbersome and confusing, and we need it to be fast and simple. Fundrazr helps us do that. People don’t have to click all around the website to find where to donate. It’s one stop donating!”

Paige Davis from CorgiPals has raised over $77K with FundRazr

These were 5 ways to step up your crowdfunding game.
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