5 signs that you are ready to crowdfund

5 Signs That You’re Ready To Crowdfund

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5 Signs That You’re Ready To Crowdfund

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As a FundRazr Coach, I work with thousands of people to ensure they are set up for success. Majority of people I work with are curious to know the formula for successful crowdfunding. Not everyone is entirely ready to take on crowdfunding, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream. What it means is that it takes some time and preparation to set yourself up for success. With the right ingredients you can tell a compelling story and exceed your goal!

These 5 telltale signs will help you determine if you’re ready to start crowdfunding. See what applies to your situation and what you need to work on before you pitch your campaign to rest of the world. If you can check most (if not all) of the points below, then you’re ready to take the step to start raising money.

You’re passionate about what you have to share and aim to captivate an audience.

You have something unique to share that people can get emotionally invested in.

Elements of your story will appeal to a specific audience.

You have a collection of media content (video, photos, and testimonials) to raise awareness around your campaign.

Your pitch includes a Call To Action.

A friend or family member has recommended that you crowdfund.

Your friends have told you they would support you if you were to go ahead with it.

You have a clear plan on reaching out to those you know personally at the campaigns inception.

You can assemble a team of promoters who are as passionate as you are.

You have many people who care about you. It’s okay to start with a smaller crowd because eventually, they will help you build a community.

You’ve invested quality time to engage with potential supporters before you launch.

You know that if people have an emotional connection to your story they will be at the core of the word of mouth engine.

You don’t believe that “if you build it they will come”, because that’s not always the case.

The people you’re targeting for support actually have money to support you.

You’re raising money for a cause that already has a strong community behind it.

You have an existing fan base around your brand or project.

You’ve created a Facebook Page with existing followers, and regularly post content relevant to your project or cause.

You’ve searched for niche online communities and struck up conversation in an effort to build relationships.

You have rewards to offer the community you have built.

You know that if your campaign has a social impact it’s more likely to garner news attention.

Your story will connect with a particular readership.

You have ideas on how to pitch your campaign to the media.

You’ve researched relevant news outlets to contact (eg. blogs, local news, radio).

You’ve spent time learning from the success and failures of other comparable crowdfunding projects.

If you were able to check most of these, then what are you waiting for?

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