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5 Hot Fundraising Ideas For August

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5 Hot Fundraising Ideas For August

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Idea #1: Celebrate happiness by doing a random act of kindness

August happiness happens month_FundRazr

August is the national Happiness Happens Month. Throughout the month, we are encouraged to act upon our happiness in two ways: firstly, recognize and express happiness; and secondly, spread love and positive thoughts, do a random act of kindness for someone special.

If we share our happy moments and experiences, do small things to make others happy, positive attitude will prevail and good feelings will go viral.

Here are some suggestions for your happiness celebration:

  1. Help your budding artist to follow his passion, such as publishing a book, recording a music album, or pursuing a dream career. How great would it be if you could help your friend out and be a part of his creative project?
  2. Support your local animal rescue or shelter. Who doesn’t like these cute furry pets? Make them feel loved.
  3. Raise money for your family member or friend in need. They are the most important people in our lives. Show them your love and care.

Idea #2 Choose charity over birthday gifts

choose charity over birthday gifts_FundRazr

To all lucky folks who were born in August. It’s such a warm feeling when you are helping and taking care of others on your special day instead of getting birthday gifts. Believe me, I’ve done it this year.

My two friends and I have created a fundraising campaign in order to give up our birthday presents to our local charity “Beauty Night Society” that helps women living in poverty in downtown eastside of Vancouver. Our friends’ kindness and generosity have touched our hearts and together we showed our love and support to 17 women.

Idea #3: Take you sport hobbies to the next level

Boxing for charity_FundRazr

Challenge yourself by participating in a variety of sport competitions, whether it’s a run, cycling, dance or boxing, or even an ironman competition. But make it meaningful! Raise money for your favourite charity with a help of your friends and family. Go public with your decision to support the charity and it will be an additional motivation for your trainings.

Idea #4: Take a year break after a High School Graduate

Volunteering abroad_FundRazr

More and more students in the US postpone the start of college to explore the real world. They go travelling, volunteering abroad, helping kids learn English in non-English-speaking countries, working on creative ideas they always wanted to do, but didn’t have enough time for it.

Who could imagine that teenagers’ life can be so excited? You could help your kids enjoy their break and fund their dreams.

Idea #5: Support a music festival

Support a music festival_FundRazr

Summer is the time for music festivals around the globe. People are getting together to enjoy the warm atmosphere and performance. Why not use this chance to get familiar with the art of local musicians and support their creativity?

Create a campaign for your summer idea!

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