3 Ways to Put the Giving Back in Thanksgiving

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3 Ways to Put the Giving Back in Thanksgiving

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At many family festivities, before digging into the delicious dinner each person in attendance declares something he or she is thankful for. Some people even take Thanksgiving as a reminder to email friends or colleagues to express gratitude. (Brace yourself for all those thankful tweets – there’s going to be a lot of #gratitude.)

So, how about the giving part? Here are three last minute ideas to put the ‘giving’ back in Thanksgiving.

The Giving Centerpiece

Make the centerpiece of the table an empty jar. Ask people to stick some pocket change or cash in it. At the end of the meal, go around the table and ask people to suggest where to donate the funds. Warning: there will be some ridiculous ideas – which is admittedly half of the fun. Pick something everyone agrees is a worthy cause and organization.

Turn Your Dinner into a Crowdfunding Event

Set up a campaign for your Thanksgiving dinner for a cause close to your heart. Ask that instead of any gifts, your guests make a small contribution to your campaign in honor of Thanksgiving dinner. Start a campaign here! You could also include the link to your campaign in your centerpiece for those who don’t have cash on hand.

Gamify Your Family’s Giving

If you’re the kind of family that is a little bit competitive, suggest that guests bring a couple canned goods to Thanksgiving dinner with them to wager on various topics over the night that will ultimately be donated to your local food bank. Alternatively you could just ask them to consider donating to a group fund to buy a turkey for a family in need. For extra fun points, ask your relatives watching the big football game to make a change or can donation donation each time their team loses a point to the other team.

Start giving today!

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