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3 Reasons To Engage Donors After A Campaign. (And 5 Ways To Do It…)

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3 Reasons To Engage Donors After A Campaign. (And 5 Ways To Do It…)

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Why should you engage donors after your campaign is finished?
The campaign is over, you’ve received their donations, so what’s next?

People like to know how they made a difference.


The 3 Reasons To Engage Your Donors After A Campaign are:
1. They’ll trust the campaign they donated to.
2. You’ll have their attention for another campaign.
3. You’ll optimize your cause or brand.

So how do you do it? Here are 5 ways to engage supporters AFTER your campaign…

1. Tell them what you were able to accomplish with their help:
Some people can feel like they were a ‘cash grab’ if they don’t know exactly what you were able to accomplish with their donations. They want to know how they did and how they helped. Share the details; how much you raised, how you plan to spend the money (or how you’ve spent it), and share story updates!

2. What did they think?
People donated for a reason – what was it? Their insights can help you ensure your next campaign is a success! How do you get their feedback? Ask them questions over your Facebook page, and make sure they are ‘open-ended’questions. For example: What did you like about my campaign video? vs. Did you like our campaign video?

What about a survey?
Unless you know exactly what you want feedback on, a survey can be difficult for a personal campaign. To really engage with your donors, nothing works better than a two-way discussion!

3. Share a post-campaign story:
You just raised money for your daughters life saving surgery or for a bike ride across the UK, how did it go? Everyone likes to know they made a difference in your life, even if they donate anonymously, your story caught their attention and pulled at their heartstrings, give them some closure.

4. Tell them what’s next
If you think you’ll be running another campaign in the near future, whether you work for an animal shelter that see’s hundreds of animals in need each month, or you can forsee more medical expenses for your loved one, the best time to get supporters to “Like” your page and join in the next campaign, is right after your current campaign.
You don’t have to know the exact details of the next campaign, just acknowledge that one is coming and it will spark interest.

5. Give credit where credit is due
Don’t forget to thank your donors. They made your campaign succeed. Show your donors the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your campaign. You can reply to each of them with a personal thank you, or create a story update thanking them all for their generosity?
Communities thrive online, and now you’ve made one in support of your cause. Be there for them.

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